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  1. Wow. I just came to the Obsidian page for the 1st time in like..a month? Awesome that they finally released it. I STILL haven't finished KOTOR 2, because I was waiting for the patch (I bought into their whole "should be released in a few days" spiel), and then went on to new games. Going to have to reinstall now! But I just got World of Warcraft 3 days ago. Much to do and see!
  2. Final Fantasy VII Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past Ultima VII I'd jump on the Deus Ex bandwagon, but I've only played the PS2 version. Controls, graphics, and load times brought it down.
  3. Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy Tactics (all by the same Japanese composer, if I'm not mistaken). -edit- And I am mistaken. The FFT composer also did Vagrant Story's soundtrack, which was also great.
  4. I'm going to KILL THEM! They finally decide to bring it to Europe...starting with part 2? We're not going to know what the hell is going on!
  5. Probably PS3. Specs look great, and it looks like they have the largest commitment from Japanese developers.
  6. And Square are STILL being lazy with sloppy conversions onto PAL, with that infamous "black border" surrounding the screen. Might want to try Front Mission 4 for PS2. I played part 3 for PSone, and thought it was very cool. Strategy/JRPG with fully customizable mech-armor. Final Fantasy 12 is expected 1st quarter of 2006 in the West.
  7. Here's a little bit of info from the May issue of Wired magazine. Lucasarts is moving shop to a public park by the Golden Gate Bridge, along with Industrial Light and Magic and the Lucasfilm marketing,online, and licensing units. The new facility is called the Letterman Digital Arts Center, and the move is expected to finish sometime in July. Sounds like they're a bit busy! Might be the reason why they're taking so long, but that's just a guess.
  8. Dr. Kleiner is by far my favorite character. He doesn't have that many lines (well...no one really does, truth be told), but from what is said, he has a lot of personality. Here's a little comic tribute I made for him http://www.facepunchstudios.com/forums/sho...ead.php?t=23009 It was made using Garry's Mod, which you can find at http://www.garry.tv
  9. Your graphics card is bordering on obsolete. Does the game play normally with the CD? Why not just use it....it doesn't take THAT much effort to move a CD around.
  10. Why don't you just pick up a PS2 for dirt-cheap? It's built up a massive library of Japanese-style RPGs which are very different than the RPGs we get for PC, and are in the vein of what you'd be looking for. I know the Dungeons and Dragons purists scoff at things like Final Fantasy, but that's how my love of RPGs started way back in 1989. When I 1st got a PC, I got Ultima 7, which was a drastic change from what I was used to, but I still liked it. Now I play both types.
  11. Valve has turned into the George Lucas of videogaming.... .....ooooh the irony.
  12. Good stuff, can't wait for it. Anyways, PC Gamer UK has oodles of pages dedicated to the modding community, and I'm sure they'd print and publicize something like this. You can send a link to mark.sutherns@futurenet.co.uk when it's all good and ready, and give em the details. I'd say the same about PC Gamer US, but they only have 1 measly page for mods and updates. Meh. Still, that email is extendedplay@pcgamer.com Once again, this is just a heads-up, as both mags only (usually) respond to finished work.
  13. Why recommend Nvidia's crappy FX series? If I wanted to go for an FX 5900 or 5900 XT, might as well go for the 6600. They are about the same price. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Agreed. I got a 5950 FX Ultra, and I now curse the day I got this PC. As soon as the 6800 falls in price a bit more, I'm gonna swipe it up. The FX series has serious performance trouble with DirectX c, and recently I've heard, causes reboot problems with the newly used Pixel Shader 2.0 (Act of War, which has recently come out and uses it, has problems on the FX)
  14. Sounds like a problem with the UK (or other international versions) of the game. If you are using one of those, have you patched with 1.0a first? That fixes the manual.pdf. (Unfortunately, 1.0b goes and screws it up again).
  15. Hopefully Atari won't be breathing down their necks to get it out, as Lucasarts was with this one. Although, Enter the Matrix (developed by Shiny, published by Atari) was a biiiiiiiiiit buggy due to that.
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