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  1. Its not bad. The gamers are just picky.
  2. The major differences being fully flushed out story and getting rid of those bugs. And its clear that the christmas deadline was not enough to finsih the game properly. Want it to happen?
  3. And also introduce true firs tperson view. Like when fighting it can be views from first person.
  4. Ic. Well i just had a humble 2.4Ghz with 512Mb and a geforce 4 Ti 4200 128mb with no slow down what so ever.
  5. From all that Ive read and heard all these bugs within the game have really crippled gameplay for some. Post any issues you have experieced so that the devs maybe do what they can to fix the issue. Giving game feedback may also make way for a patch over Xbox Live. Ill start with an issue posted from a gamespot fourm user which seems to be common. -Screen would go black while comming back from a menu. -Occasionally the character will run away from the target, including through obsticles and walls before turning around and coming back to the fight. -Doors either do not open when they are supposed to or a door is left open, but is displayed as closed, you simply have to walk through the image of the door. Source Keep em comin. EDIT :PLEASE POST THE MAIN ISSUE IN AN ABREVIATED DOT POINT FORM AND IN RED. Further explain if necessary in normal colour.
  6. You had slow downs on that system? Not possible, maybe u had a virus or something. But anyway PC can fix bugs ect quick smart, and its becasue of the xboxs limitations that the PC version cant have bigger areas and cloaks where the hood can go up or down.
  7. Well this guy pretty much settles it. razy19 I hear alot of tlk bout ppl arguing that XboX is better than PC or vise-versa. I'm here to end that. I love XboX. However, this isn't about me. I?ve played KOTOR on both Systems. Playing it on PC is MUCH better. XboX has a 733 MHz Intel CPU..Y did Microsoft only put a 733 MHz in xbox w/games which require high speed. I e-mailed Microsoft... & if u think MS would actually reply to a ? by a kid in a small town in Canada... u're wrong. Most of the games that are out now only require half of the CPU speed MS didn't need to upgrade the speed. XboX has A 64MB MEMORY CARD!! I use a 64 MB Memory stick to wipe my ass!! I'm just going to cut to the chase here. KOtoR was only meant to be played on a PC system. W/ a PC system u can upgrade ur video card or processor speed to accommodate a clean smooth play of KOtoR. W/ an XboX the only thing u can upgrade are changing the case of the system from plastic to cheap metallic silver plating. The whole style of play changes on PC. The controls are much easier on PC & the overall game play is extraordinary the story line is the same but u just feel as if the game is totally new & improved on a PC system. I found when I was playing on XboX the screen would jitter sometimes when u'd get to scenes where u needed high quality graphics, it would lag slightly. The graphics of KOtoR on my PC system were just absolutely mind boggling. The smooth play was incredible. First person shooter games are ok on XboX they were created for XboX, not KOtoR, how can u control such a massive game w/ 7 or 8 buttons? The main reason why ppl buy an XboX rather than a PC system is because it is much cheaper. Hell thats why I bought my XboX & went to my buddies house to test KOtoR on PC. Don't get me wrong all u XboX freaks out there, I love XboX but for this particular game XboX just doesn't cut it for me at least. So the final verdict on which system is better XboX or PC..I'm going to have to go w/ PC depending on what kind of PC u have. The whole thread is at the lucasarts forums. Heres the thread
  8. Havent heard the music yet but yeh i heard its great.
  9. The devs here have expressed their interest in making "Knights of the New Republic"
  10. Plus patches and MODS are jsut kook. No bugs. The way the devs intended
  11. Since KOTOR 3 is inevitable, and most likely already underway, what features would you want it to have? After some time I'll will create a large list so that the devs have some idea on what gamers want. 1) A new GAME ENGINE : Since KOTOR 3 will most likely be on XBOX 2 its time for a brand new game engine. The source or unreal engines look perfect as they are already created and more time can be spent on game development. ....
  12. Its possible. Hmm. It seems the US version was like a Beta.
  13. so there is a sequel Like the empire strikes back it did not have a difinitive ending like KOTOR or the first Starwars. Its for KOTOR3 sequel people. Anyone finished half life 2. The ending was similar to the first, but so? It was a hell fun ride.
  14. Its too early. Plus wait for the PC version to come out. Its good. Reviews say so.
  15. For instance i read that theres a option to Kill some jedi masters and when you did it no dark side points were given. So the dark/light side system could use some balancing. Any other small changes that could have taken place?
  16. So is the ending leave the same feeling as half lfie 2?
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