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  1. We tried uninstalling on both, but we didn't remove saved game files or character files. We'll try that to see if it works. Thanks everyone!
  2. I'm hoping some one on here can help me out with this. We just recently set up our LAN, and started a LAN multiplayer game (awesomeness!) We ran in to a little problem, though. We were going along fine, and then one of the computer's game errored off, so we downloaded and installed the latest patch from the Gamespy Icewind Dale II site, and had to download it to both computers so they'd have the same version. Played one session after the installation, but now when we try to start the LAN session, the CPU usage maxes out (doesn't matter which computer we start it from, happens on both). Any ideas on what to do? We can both play single session games, and we've uninstalled the game from both computers and reinstalled - no good. Any suggestions? At the very least, anyone know how to get rid of the patch? Thanks!
  3. The only boss I worked on was the "Stone Golem" in the Standing Stones. To be honest, I'm not even sure what other bosses made it into the game. I'm assuming that the "Master of the Cauldron" and "Grand Magistrate" were in, but I have no idea who/what else was. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I should have known - the Stone Golem was one of the better bosses. There was actually some strategy required to kill that one! The rest were just shoot until you kill. Started playing through it again on Normal - still not real impressed. Yes, it was harder, but not better, if you know what I mean. Still took the same amount of time to get to the same spot, etc. Like I said, we'll keep it and probably keep playing it, but we actually chose to play a golf game instead of Gauntlet this weekend. That NEVER would have happened when we first got Dark Alliance/Dark Alliance 2 or Heros. (And yes, DA/DA2 and Heros were better games) And yeah, the only reason I call it an RPG is that you do have stats, and you do level up. Unfortunately, you have all your spells/special attacks about 2/3 of the way through the game. And you don't get to pick your armor or weapons - each character thas their own weapon and armor "series" and that's it. When you find the right kind of chest, you get the next in the series. Period. Not a lot of customization allowed. Yes, it can be pain to wait on the other player(s) to choose what they want when they level up, but it's worth it to me so I get to do it when my character levels up! :D Rent it.
  4. Got it Tuesday - played about 3 hours Tuesday night and 3 hours Wednesday night and - poof! Done! Waaaaaaayyyyy tooooooooo short! Of course, to be fair to the game, we were playing on Beginners level (never played any of the previous incarnations, so wanted to make sure we understood how all the combos worked), but still - 6 hours? Meh. VERY linear, hack and slash button masher. But we'll probably keep it and play again, because of the lack of multiplayer RPG console games out. The art work, however, was absolutely GORGEOUS! It was almost a shame that so much beauty was raced through so quickly. And, of course, not much time was spent exploring, so I don't know if there are hidden areas we missed that would extend game play time, etc. But to be brutally honest (and I hope I'm not insulting you JE) the bosses were pathetic. Again, we were on beginners, but I mean, come one! Sometimes it seemed like it was easier to beat the bosses than it was to get through the levels! This could have been a great game. And, yes, well worth renting. Because you don't have to worry about late fees. You'll have plenty of time to play it and get it back before it's due. (Now watch - I'll up the level, and everything will change. Possible, but not probable)
  5. Unicorn


    I was pre-teen, but old enough to begin seriously doubting the existence of Santa. We used to always go to my grandparents on Christmas Eve for the big family Christmas thing, and have Christmas morning at home. When we left for the grandparents, everything was as usual - tree up, lights on, no presents yet. When we got back from the grandfolks, lo and behold! Underneath the tree was LOADS of presents! My mom had "lagged behind" after everyone else went out to the car, to give us one more year of belief. God, I love my Mom! Of course, she's got a little sadistic side, too. A couple of years later, when we KNEW there was no Santa, my sister and I snuck downstairs about 3 in the morning to check out our presents. We have a large gas stove in the living room, and that was the only light. As we go sneaking through the living room doorway, something growled in the shadows! We went flying back up the stairs, terrified and convinced that if Santa wasn't real, the boogey man was! And then, we hear my Mom laughing her a$$ off! Like I said, I love my Mom! LOL
  6. Well, we found Heroes at a video store and rented it last night. Only had time to play for a couple of hours, but so far, I have to say it's not a bad game. One thing that I don't like about it is resurrecting after dying. You have to have a resurrection amulet to bring your character back - no amulet, no resurrection (I think - may be a way to do it I haven't found yet, since the game didn't come with a manual). I guess I got spoiled by DA2, where if one character dies, you just have to go back to the last save point to bring them back. I'll have to be a little more careful in battles! Another thing DA2 spoiled me for was being able to designate the X,A,Y,B buttons. You can only use X and Y for spells AND special attack feats. That sucks! And the B button is for quick items - can't set it for spells/feats at all. One thing I do like about the game is the ability to change your view - you can either go with overview, or zoom in to an almost first person view. I love being able to watch my wizard cast her spells from first person! I'll post more after playing longer. We also rented a copy of Bards Tale for the Xbox, and it SAYS you can play up to 2 players. I always thought it was single player only, so we may have to check that out tonight.
  7. Well, I'm definitely going bargain bin diving for it. I'll have to check out the Hunter and X-men games mentioned above, but I think I'll be playing Heroes by this weekend, if I can find it in my small mid-west USA town! If not, it may have to wait on a trip to the big city! :cool:
  8. But JE isn't multi-player, is it? That's what's driving me on this - being able to game with my sweetie. If I'm going it alone, I'll go with PC games. Until we get a second computer and set up a LAN, the only way we can game together is a multi-player game on the Xbox. And I'm finding good, multiplayer RPGs very difficult to find for the Xbox!
  9. Yeah, we've been playing DA2 A LOT! We love the game, and are still finding things we've missed when we've been tearing through the areas. Any particular bugs/complaints? And yeah, I'll check in to the other games, too. Thanks!
  10. I've been looking at D&D: Heroes as a possible buy, mainly for its multi-player ability. I wanted to see if anyone has played it, and what your thoughts are. If this has already been discussed to death, apologies! Thanks in advance for any info.
  11. I could see having beer and liquor ads in the taverns - even if it were set in medieval times, I could see it. Maybe having the tavern decorated with brand mirrors, and signs that are magically enchanted so they light up like the familiar neon signs we have now? It'd be really cool if they offered free samples for those of legal age!
  12. For those all-night gaming sessions, a coffee pot is a MUST (assuming you drink coffee). If you can swing it, get a Bunn - makes a full pot of coffee in 3 minutes or less. Also, I highly recommend the kind that has a stainless steel carafe - keeps the coffee hot w/o a burner. Coffee stays hot for up to 6 hours, and the last cup tastes the same as the first! I also love my George Forman grill - quick cooking time and easy to clean!
  13. Clan of the Cats http://clanofthecats.com/ Very cool story line currently unfolding. If you like cats, witches, etc., good stuff.
  14. Rush Led Zep Lynard Skynard Pink Floyd Eric Clapton and any band he was ever in! Bob Seeger and the Silver Bullet Band Just to name a few Can ya tell I was a child of the mid to late 70s? :D
  15. It's October 30, 1975 and . . . hmmmm. First, I'd go outside and run and play and do gymnastics, because I could again! Other than that, quite honestly, even though it was sheer hell to live through some times, I wouldn't do anything different. I like how my life has turned out at this point, and I wouldn't want to risk jeopardizing it by changing anything. Except that yeah, I would try to invest in the internet or Microsoft - I remember back in the early 90's thinking "this internet thing is really going to take off." And thinking in the last couple of years "I should have put money in to that. I just knew it!" Other than that . . . I'd do it all again!
  16. I didn't mean to imply that Salvatore had written any of the books. What I'm hoping is that Salvatore will use some of the fresh ideas/characters that were created in this series to give HIS stories a shot in the arm. Fresh perspectives, and all that. Sorry if I confused anyone.
  17. Actually, I didn't like ANY of the characters! And yeah, I think that was the point - these are drow we're talking about. And Lloth is definitely evil, so I think making you hate her was the goal. If you look at it from that view, then actually I guess Danifae as Lloth does make the best choice - she was definitely a wild cannon, you never knew what she would be up to next, so she was a good embodiment of the principals of chaos. Not what I would have chosen, but then again, I have trouble playing evil characters in my games! I thought the relationship between Pharaun and the demon was interesting - and could lead to some interesting story lines, if only side stories. When he left his buddy to die, I would have reached out and strangled the spoiled little brat, if I could. But again, these are drow - it's what they do. Like Gromph and how he came to admire the Liche - I don't like them, but I can appreciate their "evilness" as being the eipitome of "drow", if ya take my meaning. Even though I love Drizzt and the rest of Salvatore's characters, I thought the last few books were rather weak. I'm hoping that he'll incorporate some of these characters in his future books (since, like you pointed out, they're pretty much immortal), and that it will give the whole FR series a shot in the arm - new blood!
  18. Have to agree with you on Danifea becoming Lloth - to be honest, I figured Halisstra would be the one, given the whole chaos-driven theory. But to make it Danifae? Oh, please! Although I have to admit I loved it when Q asked "why" and Lloth replied that that was it - there was no why, it was up to chaos! Made a weird kind of sense. I'm rather anxious to see what happens with Pharaun. Talk about leaving room for the sequel! That could be a very interesting "pair" - Pharaun and . . . oh, what's her name, the demon with wings who picked his finger up. And what a way to die! <shudder> As to the survival of the drow as a whole - it has always struck me as odd that there are sooooooo many daughters in each of the ruling houses. Like you said, they're supposed to be next to infertile, yet each house seems to have a surplus of daughters, just aching to fill momma's shoes when she appears weak. Granted, they are long-lived, and so have more time to produce off-spring, but it still seems to be a little "off", in my opinion. And Halisstra's fate - I can definitely see her turning up in future novels. It could be a very interesting future story line. Have to wait and see.
  19. Well, I'd go for BG:DA3 in a heart beat! Mainly because the DA series is one of the VERY FEW good games that has two-player capability. I don't want to play AGAINST each other. I want to be a team. (Thought I was going to say "I want to play with each other", didn't ya? ) AND it's one of the VERY FEW decent RPGs for the xbox. If I'm playing solo - I'm on the PC. The xbox gets used when me and the sweetie both want to play. We've been looking for good two-player RPG titles, and there just aren't that many around. And yes, the cliff hanger at the end drives me nuts! I want to get "the rest of the story" dang it!
  20. Just finished Resurrection - the last book in War of the Spider Queen. Weiser Cane, I'd love to see what you thought of it when you get done! I'm re-reading the Mage Storm trilogy by Mercedes Lackey, and just started The Emerald Cave by . . . uh . . . oh, damn. Can't remember the author, and the book's not handy to check at the moment. It's a second book - the first was The Five Rings. Not bad - not great, but not bad so far. I pretty much inhale books - I'm at the local bookstore at least once a week. They know me by name!
  21. Googling "unicorn" gives over 3 million results (no shock there). I was born 2 days before Halloween (October 29th) - I always tell people I didn't make it to being a witch, so I'm just a bitch! (No offense to any wiccan, K?) Even better - 2 days after I was born, the Indianapolis Coliseum blew up during a hockey game. Three weeks after I was born, Kennedy was assassinated. My mom always said that's the measurement of the spread of the shockwave of my birth. Also, Black Monday, the day of the stock market crash that began the slide towards the great depression, was on October 29th. Freaky, huh?
  22. I agree with JE's post - I wouldn't buy a game just because of the beautiful characters in them if it sucked. Speaking strictly for myself, I play the games I play because I want to visit the worlds I've read about for so long. I remember reading one of the Sunrunner series books (can't remember which one, exactly), and "coming up for air" and wondering where all the dragons went! I actually LOOKED UP AT THE SKY to check for them! THAT'S what I want from my games - to be immersed in a fantasy world. And in my fantasy, I am NOT old(ish) and out of shape - I'm young, in shape, and beautiful. And really, if you think about it, the characters in games would have to be in good shape to even begin to be able to stand up the rigors of the journeys they take. They basically work out every day, whether it's practicing their sword skills or walking from one place to another, so of course they're in good shape. Now, do the women really have to have "hernia inducing breasts"? (Loved that line, by the way) No, they don't. But that's some peoples' fantasy. If you're the person creating the avatar/game, and it's your fantasy, wouldn't you do it? To each his own. No, I don't think video games are influencing our ideas of beauty. And I don't think the appearance of the characters are the main selling point of games by a long shot. The appearance of characters in sf/f have ALWAYS been above average in the looks department - check out some of the covers of the early sf/f paper backs. Heck, popular art has rarely, if ever, depicted the average - why should video games be any different?
  23. I picked my name because I love unicorns. I was "horse crazy" as a child, and when I started reading fantasy as a teenager - well, it was just a natural progression. I have a nice little collection of unicorns, all gifts from family and friends, which make them even more special. The avatar is from IWD2 - I loved the game (still trying to finish it! Had to restart, and I generally only have enough time to devote to playing it in the winter, when there's no yard work, etc, to take up my valuable time! ) Also, I'm a red-head, and have always been something of a fighter, so it seemed to fit. The quote, obviously, is from Mercedes Lackey - one of my favorite authors. I think it's from the Oathbreaker series, said by Kerowyn, who I think is just an awesome character. Plus, it's good advice, regardless of where or when you live!
  24. The Thomas Covenant series is well worth the read - btw there is a new continuation of the series out - the first book came out last year. Not sure when the next one is coming out, but should be this year. Mercedes Lackey and Anne McCaffery if you want something that isn't all about elves, etc (personally, I love that kind of fantasy, but those two have developed VERY good non-elvish-type fantasy). I've really enjoyed the Elminster series, and yes, definitely, the Avatar series for FR. I haven't seen David Eddings mentioned, so I'll add him to the list. As far as classics, I really enjoyed Andre Norton's Forerunner series. That should keep you busy for a while! <grin>
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