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  1. Yeah, I think she rode a blue dragon - and the goddess was Takhisis (had to look that one up!) Definitely need to go back and re-read those books!
  2. Yep - her name was Kitiara, and she was a general in the army of evil. In fact, if I remember right, she may even have become the replacement dark goddess (or at least tried to). Kind of shaky on that one - been a while since I read any of the books, and I know I missed some of them.
  3. Caramon Majere? THE Caramon Majere? Man, that guy was AWESOME! I still prefer mages, like that one other Majere... Man, I gotta go check out some books... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> If you weren't being sarcastic (well, even if you were! ) Raistlan. Golden eyes and hourglass shaped pupils. One of my favorite doomed characters
  4. I always play some kind of magic-wielder. Mage or Sorcerer, or a Cleric, but I absolutely do NOT like playing a character with no magic. I've had Ranger and Thief characters, since they can do some magic, but my favorite is Mage or Sorcerer. Why? Well, I remember growing up watching "Bewitched" and just loved the thought of being able to wiggle my nose and make things happen! :D Then I started reading fantasy, which of course is generally magic-oriented of some kind, and usually you have to be aware of, if not actually involved in, the world around you (not just the world of men, but nature, all it's creatures, patterns, etc.) to be GOOD at magic, and being a country girl, I liked that part. And quite frankly, I like the cool spell effects in some of the games! Finger of Death, Flamestrike - they hands down beat hacking at something with a weapon in my book. My orientation is usually good - in D&D, I'll go neutral, even so far as chaotic neutral, but I can't bring myself to play an evil character. I might do it some day, when I have time to play through the same game 50 times or so, and play good/neutral 49 times, then try it as evil on the 50th, but so far, nope. And like some one said earlier, I'd probably have to stop halfway through the game and start over if I did try to play evil!
  5. ". . . enjoys quiet walks on the beach, romantic dinners, pillaging and plundering, and crawling through dungeons" Oh lord what have I started?????
  6. ...damn; ya jus' ruined the perfectly good perverted image I had runnin' through me head...thnx alot; now I 'ave ta go back ta reality... ...oh, btw; welcome ta the Zoo... ...WHO LUVS YA, BABY!!... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> LOL - Honey, if it makes ya happy, you just go right on back to your own lil world and have a blast. I won't tell nobody. Really. I wouldn't. OK - not many people, at least. Cool pix in the sig, by the way.
  7. That was confusing (not your fault) the girlfriend thing threw me. Yes BG does have a lot of depth to it. But when was the last time a PC had a game like BG ? Thats why I've switched to consoles. Blame my wife for getting me into it. But I can't say I have any regrets <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yeah - sorry - posted without really getting things set up. I used a space between "girl" and "friend" to try to make it clear that it was a friend of mine who was female - without using that many words! :D You're right about no good new PC games - that's a lot of the reason I looked up Obsidian. I knew Feargus had started there after BIS died, and was really hoping he'd be able to continue the tradition of great games like BG, IWD, etc. for the PC. And I'm getting rather addicted to consoles now, too. I especially like being able to do multiplayer from the couch. :cool:
  8. Hey all - this is my first post. I've been lurking, and just couldn't resist responding to this. I've been PC Gaming for over 10 years - my first game was Pool of Radiance for (gulp) DOS. I just got my first console gaming system in February - I got the Xbox for a Valentine's Day present (OK, cat's out of the bag - I'm a geek! LOL). For those who are over 30 and think they can't get laid if they have a console . . . I've got a girl friend who would LOVE to find a guy that likes to game!!!!! Doesn't matter if it's PC or console. If you think a woman's not interested in you just because you game, you're meeting the wrong women! By the way, I'm 41, and like I said, just got my first console. Have to admit, I prefer PC over console for single player - BG has a lot more depth to it on the PC than on a console platform. But I absolutely LOVE being able to sit down with my sweetie and indulge in hours of game play, and NOT be accussed of ignoring him! Just my $.02.
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