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  1. Alright, if we're going to talk pure min/max, let's get real: Aumaua / Dwarf MIG: 20 CON: 18 (19) DEX: 18 (17) PER: 10 INT: 3 RES: 9 Culture: Deadfire Archipelago or The Living Lands Background: Any There's absolutely no reason to take three constitution ever when playing a rogue. Intelligence is practically useless on them. Your debuff abilities decrease from 10 seconds to 6.5, which is a bit of a sore spot but not altogether a bad thing if you take the Grieving Mother with you and use the rest of your party to supply sneak attack opportunities. What's particularly great about a lack of intelligence on a rogue is that the negative duration theoretically effects Deep Wounds in a strange way -- it makes the raw damage affect the target faster. Meaning that you do x damage over 6.5 seconds rather than 20. So, ideally, you're going to be cycling pin point accurate shots to each enemy and whittling them down with the raw damage DoT effect. Two-handed Style gives you a 15% increase in damage. Penetrating Shot helps with sturdy, DR-heavy enemies. You can take Marksman if you want the extra accuracy, and Gunslinger if you're dead set on using one of the slow reloading weapons all the time. Dirty Fighting & Vicious Fighting are also quite nice. Interrupting Blows is great for sniping out mages from afar. Bloody Slaughter will help you pick off low health enemies as well. Graceful Retreat isn't a poor investment, either. I think that's about it. Sneak into fights and start them off with a deadly blunderbuss volley. Make sure your allies help set up sneaks. And go kill things mercilessly~ Two-Handed Style does not increase ranged weapon damage.
  2. I notice that you immediately jumped ship from the 'Josh Sawyer and Obsidian would never do respec as part of their grand design!' argument that you wittered on about for pages, without even acknowledging that you had been disproven, as soon as direct quotes from Josh Sawyer were produced that said he was happy to implement respeccing.
  3. Ha! Literally nobody even suggested doing that! Therefore you just made a textbook strawman argument! Logic is hard!
  4. Grognards are basically the cancer of RPG communities. Fortunately Obsidian didn't listen to them when implementing other QoL features such as the stash, area looting, bringing the classes to be less lopsided in ability, and numerous others. People like that will fight against any change on the very basis of "It wasn't this way before." There were people like that decrying game improvements when the BG games came out, and there will be people like them ten years from now, when other game design improvements are made, fighting because it's not like the RPGs they know today. The reason that Obsidian didn't implement the ability to respec has jack **** to do with their grand design, and everything to do with there not having been the time to implement it as an option before the game was released. A checkbox at game creation - as has been suggested here several times - just like Path of the Damned, which has to be decided at the time the new game is started, would have made everyone happy because those who did not want the opportunity to respec would simply not select that option when they begin. The fact that, despite this having been proposed, people are still bitching against it, makes it quite clear that it's a bunch of selfish, domineering, controlling and miserable grognards who cannot stand that someone might want a 'modern feature' in 'their' game. Spoiler alert, grogs: It's not yours, and you are not a valiant shining guardian order. I, and most of the people playing the game, are not some horde of unwashed 'casuals'. We've played the IE games, we've played the games since, and we're playing this one too. We have as much footing as you do. You are not some 'old guard' manning the walls of True Gaming. You are not special. In fact, you're the reason that 'PC RPG Gamers' get a reputation for being alienating pricks. Deal with it.
  5. No, it doesn't. I just tested with the console and comparing the values before and after adding the talent to a character, with an Arbalest and Greatsword. The Greatsword gained extra damage from Two-Handed Style, but the Arbalest did not. It only applies to melee weapons.
  6. This is a load of BS, and it's already been addressed a couple of times on this thread. Get this through your head already. The issue here is NOT other people's play styles, the issue is game design. There's an integrity here that the stock game shouldn't break. Developing the game with a respec feature is just one of the breaking points. Others include: 1) Designing the game for consoles (Xbox1, PS4 etc.) 2) Designing the game without perma-death 3) Designing a game with multi-player in mind etc. With all of these, one can simply argue "well it doesn't affect you, since all of these things would be optional. Simply don't play the game on a console, don't play multi-player, and just dismiss party members who fall in battle! Problem solved!". But that doesn't address the argument. Some of us backed this game because we were specifically promised an "old school" IE experience. Had they, instead, promised us "the modern Dragon Age experience" I wouldn't have given them a single penny of my money. Enough of this. It's my turn now make suggestions. PoE does not have a respec feature because that's not the type of game it was designed to be. Deal with it. Cheat, download mods, grab your skyrim buddies at the Nexus and ask them to modernize the game to your own specifications. Or, just stick around here and whine about how unfair life is for another 5 pages. Either way, problem solved. ----- You realize, Oh Grand Priest of Infinity Engine, that The Baldur's Gate series had multiplayer, right?
  7. I pledged at the $250 tier, and I got my Royal Edition which I assumed was my personal Steam key for play at release, but I am also missing the extra key for my backer level. Has anyone seen their Backer Portal actually update with the extra keys yet?
  8. ----- That's just an empty Slippery Slope argument. You weigh the benefits a feature would have against the drawbacks, as with anything else.
  9. Lol, grogs. Fortunately the IE Mod includes a command to respec in the form of the ChangeClass mod. I would suggest installing it, it lets you respec both yourself and your companions at will. You mean like Saving and Loading? Good grief, if it were up to people like you we wouldn't even have those.
  10. Well Bloodborne is a videogame and not a pc game and therefor not interesting to me. Sorry but i have been pc gaming since like 1990. For me it does not qualify as a RPG. For that matter the Witcher 3 does not too, Controller recommended in a rpg? A set main character i cannot create myself ? Sorry don't see any appeal in that. But yeah its much more rpg than an action game as Bloodborne, so it should not affect pillars as its released on a very limited and inferior platform only. I feel really sorry for you that you feel that way But that is the mentality that PC gamers are known for - it's not on PC, therefore it's not worth my time. We've gotta change that, or people will think we're all a bunch of elitist douches. I tried many console games, i had a ps2, ps3 and xbox, xbox 360 too. I just never really used them other than for some exclusives i was hyped about. The problem is that the games are not as fun as they used to be. They seem dumbed down both in content and controls and not only for consoles but for cross platform releases too. Even more so now on almost all games cause it seems to have set a standard. You know that is exactly why i backed Pillars and i did that with 290$, because there is a promise to bring back the deeper games. While i see many great stories in games now, like dragon age inquisition, it hurts me to play that game. It does not feel like a rpg or even a full game to me with out stats to assign and real skills and when i am limited to 8 skill buttons suddenly (when i had basically unlimited in the first part) i feel cheated. Yes its more easy to get into that game, but then it is shallow. Also we have been very limited in all aspects cause of the consoles, be it gameplay or graphics. Since the playstation any console hardware was at least a year behind pc hardware on release, sometimes even more and yes that also counts for the ps4 and ps3. I backed PoE with the equivalent of $370. I loved Dragon Age: Inquisition and put 160 hours into it. I think Witcher 3 and Bloodborne are RPGs, and look forward to playing them all, just as I will enjoy Pillars. We are in a time where there is a greater breadth and depth of games than there has ever been, even if some genres have fallen by the wayside - but those genres are now coming back via indie and crowdfunding initiatives. By all indications, we are in a golden age or renaissance of gaming. We have literally never had it better, and it seems to only be getting better. Perspective, it's what's for dinner.
  11. The Kickstarter and crowdfunding were to secure funding for a niche title that mainstream publishers were no longer likely to support; not to buttress your sense of elitism.
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