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  1. It's been over two weeks since the last official update here. My order is still showing "Shipping Soon". I have a signed edition. Is that what is causing a further delay? If so could we have an update on how that is going. On a slightly different note, could we have a post about how all this physical fulfilment stuff happens? I for one would be really interested to know a bit more about how these things get onto store shelves, the kind of companies involved etc. You could then also expound a bit on the particular hurdles in this case.
  2. Nice. My signed copy is still in "Shipping Soon" status. I presume getting them all signed is rather time consuming.
  3. I entered "Merchant Adventurer" in the Backer Survey form. I need to claim it here as well I take it.
  4. Also, I presume stat gains are not a standard level up feature in the system? Is there anything which can modify your base stats? Are temporary bonuses (if they are a thing via potions or the likes) taken into account for conversation/CYOA screen choices?
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