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  1. After writing this post I have re-installed the game, and the saves do work, every other time (or the game freezes and i need to re-launch it). Hopefully i can get from the Old City before I experience the problem again, wouldn't want to re-install a 40 gb game more often than absolutely necessary. So for now the problem is no longer game-breaking.
  2. Hello there I've sent an email to bugs@obsidian.net regarding a bunch of my save files suddeny becoming corrupted and un-load-able, preventing me from playing the game any further. I've attached the save files and the crash report logs. It's been around two weeks, and I never got a response from Technical Support. What has been the general experience with Obsidian tech support? Do they respond to crash reports at all? Should I expect them to pay any attention to my issue that prevents me from playing the game I backed? Should I wait, or write again, or write to someone specific, or start a campaign on change.org, or just uninstall the game and forget this fiasco has ever happened? Thanks for any feedback. I played through the obscenely long loading times, determined to enjoy the game, but now i've hit a wall
  3. If an encounter can be resolved with either a stat check (Dexterity, Charisma) or a skill check (Acrobatics, Diplomacy), and I play a blessing of the corresponding type (Calistria, Iomedae), the game will often change the check from stat to skill. Have to manually change the check to stat again, in order to roll 3d8 instead of 3d4. P.S. Sorry wrong forum, please move to Technical Support.
  4. A random glitch happens when I use Scrying or a similar effect (e.g. a location that lets me look at the top card of any open location). Cards line up on the screen face-down, cannot do anything, have to restart the game.
  5. When levelling up Kyra, I cannot select the upgraded version of Dawnflower's Favor. Its basic version has a green star symbol as if I selected to gain this feat, but I had actually gained it during my previous level-up.
  6. Wand of Enervation rolls 2d4 when used by Sorcerer or Wizard (doesn't register their Arcane skill; didn't test with Bard). (should roll 1d4+4 instead)
  7. Obsidian's reputation is plummeting down in my eyes. Bugs are bad. But the new UI is damn ugly, and I'm afraid it's not going away. I was going to enjoy this game
  8. This is such a stupid thing to say. "It's just a game". Jeeezuz. Don't enforce your priorities on other people. I agree with everything the OP said. The bugs will get fixed eventually, but that horrible and ugly phone UI will stay unless we say something.
  9. Downloaded the game - couldn't create a party after the prologue. Got a hotfix, created a party, played some story mode, decided to play quest mode - characters levelled up without gaining any feats. Finally got a fix for that - game became unplayable on the phone, plus the new phone UI looks ugly. I've been playing games by Black Isle Studios and then by Obsidian since I was 12 years old (now I'm 31), always been a fan. But cmon people, you're ruining your reputation, even in an old dedicated fan's eyes! Edit: Oh and regarding the constant "Apologize for the inconvenience" in every post: South Park: "We're Sorry"
  10. Still doesn't work, nothing changed. Do i have to wait for the hotfix to get to my region or something? Screenshot #5 Also, the game now looks ugly on the phone, with text not fitting in text boxes. Is there a way to go back to the tablet view mode? Screenshot #6 Edit: rehosted images, the links should work now.
  11. Good job Obsidian, the new patch managed to break the game -- once again. Asus Zenfone 5 Screenshot #1 Screenshot #2 Screenshot #3 Screenshot #4 Edit: rehosted images, the links should work now.
  12. I got some loot cards when I finished the 2nd big adventure (beat the Lamia), but i didn't get the Stalker Mask (Helmet?). Is there some way to get the loot i'm missing? What if I banish loot cards or just remove them from a deck in between scenarios - is there a way to get them back?
  13. Not sure if it's a bug or intended. If I fail the check for Collapsed Ceiling while at a Guard Tower, then Bandits spawning at the start of each turn count as "the first exploration each turn", and after fighting/evading a Bandit I can explore normally, bypassing Collapsed Ceiling.
  14. I'm playing quest mode. One of my characters hit level 5 and got a new Feat (I choose Weapon Proficiency). The other character hit level 5 during an adventure in which I ran out of time. She gained experience, but I was not given an option to choose a new feat for her. Since then I leveled her up a couple times, both when winnning an adventure and when running out of time. When I run out of time, she just gains the XP and levels up. When i win, she levels up and gains an item. But it looks like that bonus feat from level 5 is forever lost to me now. Is this how it's supposed to work? Or is it a glitch? What should I do?
  15. Two more questions: 1) Do I get some penalty if one of my characters dies over thr course of an adventure? Gold penalty maybe? 2) All the extra items that I collect during an adventure and have to give up afterwards - are they just gone, or do I get some gold for them? Is it worth it to hunt for items in order to sell them, or is it just mere pennies not worth the trouble? Thanks!
  16. Hello folks! A couple questions from a new player, if I may: 1) "Sign Up for Daily Gold!" sounds like a giveaway of free stuff. But the "Daily Gold" option on the "Gold"page of the store actually costs money (about $2 worth in my currency). So is it just misleading and no free stuff is given, or do I have to pay $2 once to be able to get my free gold on a daily basis, or how does that work? 2) I've bought the first Adventure (Burnt Offerings) at 80% off. Can I expect the other two adventures to be offered at a discounted price any time soon? Or should I just start grinding gold? 3) Speaking of grinding, I've completed the first two adventures on Legendary mode, and now completing thm again on Normal and Heroic doesn't give me any gold, but completing them on Legendary does seem to give me 150 gold. Is this the way gold is farmed in this game - completing adventures on Legendary over and over? Or is there some limit to it too? 4) I've unlocked some stuff but haven't have the items drop yet. Is there a good Scenario that has more odds of dropping good items, or that it easier/quicker to complete for the purpose of farming gold and items? 5) Unless I purchase the Characters Add-On, am I stuck with the initial two heroes (Merisiel and Kyra), or will others be unlocked as I progress through the story? Thanks for the answers!
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