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  1. HA! Tell that to my significant other...
  2. Not in the British military, unless you want to end up on charges! The term used is Ma'am. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> ... and ma'am is short for madam, right? So what happens if you call them a madam? " As many as you want? (Just don't pull my tooth out!) :ph34r: Actually, I think I had yesterday's dictionary ... I didn't know there was a new version ... honest! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> This reminds me of the days when both sexes were "Тавариш"...is there a female version of "Comrade" in olde english MetaD?
  3. And if you survive that extreme forum long enough to develop an unhealthy longing for its ludicrously high spam levels, you can move on to a harder substance.
  4. There is a psychological phenomenon where if ones skills are so far removed from the scale that they don't appear on it, a confident person will assume they are very good at said skill. (Think of people who are tone deaf, but don't know it and insist they are good singers.) I can't for the life of me think what the term is, and I, for once, can't think of how to search for it in an expedient manner. Anyone? FarimirK, you're a psychologist, aren't you? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Maybe the "Grandiose" subtype of Delusion Disorder? People who suffer from this disorder truly feel that they are of huge importance or highly skilled in a certain area. It is possible Kreia suffered from this...but I am not "hard-core" enough to properly psychologically analysize the fictional characters of a Star Wars RPG.
  5. Well, now that you mention it, I didn't go to your link. Most of the links I went to in the past ("most" read "Baley's") ended up being spam/porn/spam-porn, so I just stopped clicking them. Sorry for the grief I caused you.
  6. I hope you get better soon. I hate the dentist. Would you take offense if I prayed for your recovery?
  7. Then how do you explain the Grey Whale?
  8. Thanks "corpse" whale... Thats odd.
  9. Do you happen to know the etymology behind their name, Metadictionary? In English it looks like someone left out the last "e", but its the same phonically in Russian ("нарвал"), which is curious...maybe an inuit or Lapp word?
  10. Me too. I eventually just gave up trying to be normal and usually get stuck with the graveyard shift.
  11. Christianity does not have a central human authority, only Catholicism, for your information.
  12. China had an even worse purge than the Soviet Union, and few if any westerners know anything about it. In the last few years, China has been trying to seem more "free" but make no mistake, conversion to christianity is still a jailable/torturable offense. Also, the government has begun to to shut down internet cafes, because they can't moniter them. China is far from free. The few international churches are guarded and require passport checks at the door, to ensure no chinese christian can enter. Sound free to you?
  13. Once again, they are proving that birds can adapt and evolve/devolve to be better adapted to the current environment, not molecule to man evolution. The Atheists are desperate, and will grab on to anything, no matter how illogical.
  14. I merely state that the attempt to erase God and establish enforced humanism and enlightenment was a complete failure. The Soviet Union did fall short of Marx's vision in numerou ways... Why doesn't this terrify the atheist? It is evidence that humanity is at its core "corrupted", and yet you still think that humanity would be better off without any higher authority...your logic follows that any system will be corrupted by humanity. Your vision of reality is very dark. Your thoughts?
  15. Silly me. Here I thought they were economic/social belief systems.
  16. Sorry, but your totally wrong...Atheism was and is the cornerstone of Communism, Marxism, etc. Actually, Nazi Germany is a very good example of what happens when people don't protect the rights of those who disagree with them. The Christian majority in Germany let the Nazi's lock up the gays, jews and communists and then had no one to blame but themselves when they were themselves turned on. The NT tells me to love you as myself, to show God's love by acting in a loving manner, and even says that it is wrong for me to try and separate myself from people who live against my moral code! (1st Corinthians). How sad...Christians face the same persecution in other parts of the world. The rope has been lowered already...you just need to grab it.
  17. Very well, but I need at least a day or two. I'll get back to you with at least three different examples of why I rejected Atheistic Evolution. And you really need to understand that losing the ability to fly is fundamentally different from gaining the ability to fly...you are confusing adaptation (micro-evolution) with macro-evolution.
  18. Welcome back... So is Athiesm, thats why the right of the individual to chose their own path is so important. I empathise with your fear - really I do, but you must understand that I grew up persecuted for my parent's beliefs by anti-christians. Are you worried that someone like me will become president and have you stoned for living in defiance of my moral code? I'm worried that someone like you will come to power again and throw me and my family into a prison camp for believing in the Bible as Literal, and choosing to disagree with your moral code. But they would torture and kill millions of christians, burn our churches and outlaw my religion on pain of death. I wish you freedom from fear...do you think that because I disagree with your lifestyle I some how wish you harm? I don't. I would willingly defend your freedom to live free even if it endangered myself. And I will always vote against anyone who seeks to enforce the Bible's moral code on an unwilling person. Continue to let them live in a purposeless world? For what purpose? Hmm, well, I know you don't believe he died for you, but if you were born at the bottom of a pit, and God lowered you a rope, which you refused to take hold of, even though he said a flood was coming that would drown you, and so he died making an easier way to escape, and you still refused, cause the pit really ain't so bad, and because he should have just snapped his fingers and got you out...does he still seem like a jerk to you?
  19. Yes, you are. Yes, there are. Homosexual's don't have the privilage if you've banned homosexual couples from adopting... Thanks for the info! Are you equating Homosexuals with Child Abuse? I still think you've missed the point...
  20. Here's what I said: Here's what you said. You're misquoting again. Homosexuals don't have the "right" (are not allowed) in many places to marry or adopt children. I said that if society decides they should have the "right" (be allowed) to adopt children, then I'm not going to lobby against it, because limiting freedom is dangerous. Your point about Adoption not being a right totally misses the point of what I was saying...
  21. Religion is the relationship between man and the divine. Science is merely the study of how and why things are. They should only complement each other. Some of the greatest scientist who ever lived were christians, and their belief in God only made them more eager to doscover the reason things are the way they are, knowing that the universe they were studying was ordered, designed, and full of purpose. Science only reminds me of how great a God I have, and the wonderous universe he created and governs, like I admire a master clockmaker. No I don't. And no matter how much evidence I show you, you will refuse to even contemplate that the genesis record is not dispproved by Science. But if you wish to trade proof for disproof, go ahead. Where is your evidence that we evolved from lower life forms? You, my friend are blinded by your faith in atheism. If you can find one proof of one species turning into another, I will denounce the Genesis Creation as false. Find one example of an animal developing the new genetic information required to grow wings, or gills or learning to speak and study its origins. Don't come to me with peppered moths. Moths are moths are moths. Don't come to me with Archeoteryx, its a fully functioning flying animal. Don't come to me with examples of adapting to an environment, thats not the evolution your faith requires to explain life without God. Animals and plants are designed to adapt to changes by evolving and discarding unnecessary things, like cave fish becoming blind and island beetles losing wings to avoid being blown ouit to sea, not write new genetic code and turn into people. And don't hide behind the holes in your data that you can't explain...if it's a choice between your hole-filled theory and the Bible's narrative of the creation, I know which I'll be choosing. I'll read any evidence you can muster, and post my response.
  22. If the purpose of the democracy is to protect the right to freedom of thought and speech, then giving homosexuals the right to adopt children, while against my moral beliefs, is fine by me. As long as that rule is ingrained in the psyche of the populace, the minorities should be safe.
  23. "Ah, that's what you think, my boy, that's what you think" <{POST_SNAPBACK}> "You leave the boy alone, Sigmund. All he wants is a good old bit of decent smut like the rest of us" <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
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