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  1. What if the woman was raped? Lets make a clear distinction here. Pregnancy due to forced intercourse (A) and pregnancy due to consenting intercourse (B). This is category A. Because I hold life to be sacred, I would advise that she put the baby up for adoption. However, due to the severe psychological stresses involved, I believe it is best in rape cases to leave the final choice up to the woman. That said, living with an abortion can also cause deep psychological distress. It is a very sensitive subject, and we can voice our opinion, but each case must be taken individually, and left up to the woman, in my opinion. I am assuming this example is dealing with category B. Actions have consequences. Pregnancy is a possible consequence of sex. I would place the life of the child above her right to a good education, which she herself risked. I've always seen category B abortion as a liscence to tear up a bill instead of paying for it. People need to realise that the responsibility rests with them, and some responsibilities cannot be simply gotten rid of at a clinic. If you meant forced intercourse, see above. Free and unregulated rights to abortion.
  2. Sorry...I was also hoping someone here might know the answer.
  3. And what of the infants life? I think Abortion on demand cheapens the value of life.
  4. Searching for official news of Xbox 360's price and relaese day, I stumbled upon the forum below... I thought the LA forums were bad...this is only part of the whole, from first asking of question to answer.
  5. Well, then I re-state my point. Alexander and Thrawn won against larger forces. Revan didn't have that problem, to my knowledge.
  6. Another point to consider is that Alexander won battles where he was often out-numbered. I haven't read the all Thrawn books, but wasn't he greatly outnumbered by the New Rupublic (Know anything, Nurb?)? Revan had the magic star forge spewing out ships all the time. Even before he found the Star Forge...wasn't the Republic much larger than the Mandalorians terretory?
  7. But then if you remove that substantial portion of panting Handmaiden fanboys who would never accept Kreia as their future mother-in-law even if she came out and admitted being Kae... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Don't get me wrong...I liked your theory...I just think it got axed, and I don't think it will ever surface again.
  8. Morals? On an idividual level or for society as a whole? It's hard, because I would never want my personal moral standard imposed on anyone. However, it gives me a natural bias in some areas. As far as science is concerned, I sort of lump it in with knowledge. You can't claim all knowledge, it just "is", but your bias will judge how you interpret the data. Personally, I believe that abortion involves killing a living human. Professionally, I advise against, Politically I oppose abortion on demand. Well, again, morality and liberty diverge...there is evidence to suggest that biology and choice plays a part in homosexual tendences. I don't believe that the state has the right to dictate or even comment on personal sexual preference between consenting adults. I personally disagree with the idea of "gay marriage" and gay couples adopting children. I don't think thats a moral issue...just an organization trying to keep us from destroying each other. Hmm...guilty until proven innocent? I'd like America to limit they're military excercises to coming to the aid of attacked nations, like the first Iraq war. Ask a Brit... Environmentally friendly, please. If you want to see calculated environmental destruction an industrial scale, come over here...
  9. Last I checked my Kae/Kreia poll, the "two separate people" theory was ahead by a hair.
  10. I am almost positive that your nation "somewhere in the european union" would do the same if they were powerful enough. Almost every country in Europe has expoilted another from time to time, and usually much more brutally than the US, naive and blundering though they sometimes are. Keep in mind, Nur Ab Sal, that the US, and their "imperial ways" is what kept the Soviet Union from wiping your happy little EU nation of the map and enslaving you and your children. Clutch your copy of KOTOR 2 and bless the US for your freedom to play games... From Russia with love... FaramirK
  11. that's right. That is pacifism taken to a stupid extreme. You don't know what you are saying. The world is a much happier place without it being cut into two thirds genocide-commiting facist and one third isolationist democracy. The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was merciful compared to the horror the Japanese would have faced in a seaborne invasion of mainland Japan, with their leaders forcing them to commit suicide instead of surrender. You can hate war and seek to avoid it at all costs-like Chaimberlain-but you still need to be prepared to fight for peace, even if it means that innocent people will suffer. It's better than the alternative.
  12. No, actually. Many of the more prominent citizens were bisexual, but the vast majority of the common people were heterosexual. I still hold that for the sake of this argument, Revan ad Thrawn don't even come close to having the world-wide lasting impact that Alexander did...
  13. You pretty much have to roll twenties consistantly...
  14. Or the Fins Russian ... " <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Don't even start...
  16. I dont know 'bout you, but that seems like russkie talk to me.. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Your ability to conjure up the most appropriate of old pictures leaves me in shock and wonder...
  17. What? I thought that meant something else in english...
  18. I know that some ancient cultures used to sacrifice babies to the gods, but I can't think of any examples that were any more recent than 500 B.C. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> If you are referring to the Carthaginians, that is under dispute. (Roman propaganda after the Punic wars to emphasise the victory. Probably a little social jealousy, too, as the Romans were wearing loincloths when the Cathage people had a civilization like the Greeks; it is more than likely that the Romans took a lot of the scientific discoveries, like plumbing, from them.) Anyway, I didn't say sacrifice, I said eat. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> No, I didn't know the Carth's had been accused of it, I was thinking more of the Canaanites and the Jews that worshipped Molech.
  19. Uncork the Vodka Baley, I'll get the Caviar and crackers...wait...what's the drinking age in Romania?
  20. :"> Shows how dedicated a fan I am...
  21. I know that some ancient cultures used to sacrifice babies to the gods, but I can't think of any examples that were any more recent than 500 B.C.
  22. There is a growing trend to view the male version of a pronoun as the "sexless" version, and therefore preferred; whereas the female version still denotes gender. For the sake of all that is good and holy, don't get me started on gender and language!!! Cloris <{POST_SNAPBACK}> ...So, how 'bout them genders and languages?
  23. Forget Manchester, Baley, You need...Everton! We're almost in Europe... :">
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