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  1. Ah, the one-in-a-million sob story...a popular but flawed debate technique...very well, I will amuse you: Really? Maybe we have a similar view of abortion, but I don't think you really know enough about my ideals to compare me with some mid-western american couple. A series of poor choices...and interestingly enough I work with a woman who made it through nursing college as a single mother...it's tough, sure, but possible. Prision? No. Anyone that troubled is in desperate need of psychological counseling. She probably caused her self ten times as much long-term psychological damage then if she'd had to give put the baby up for adoption. Excuse you? I agree with you! Some things have to be imposed on people, like laws for their own safety. Maybe your culture is to promiscuous. I know mine is. The average woman in Russia will have 3 abortions in her life. Our population is falling fater and faster, and our counselling centre is filling with empty, broken men and women.
  2. I agree with this, but it should be pointed out that even if contraceptives are used properly, there's still a small chance of them not working Yes, there is. It's a risk you take, and a risk you have to be willing to live with if the dice say you lose...
  3. What he said...same reason people like romance in films...adds to the story.
  4. I read a very good book about the Turkish invasion of Hungary called Eclipse of the Crescent Moon". Been to Hungary 6 times, its a great country. Жукоб (Jukov/Zhukov) was a fearless and crafty general, but he was unsuccessful in the Operation Mars offensive, if I remember correctly. He did win many times against incredible odds though...and basically bulldozed the Germans back to Berlin.
  5. The Big Green is hovering... I just don't want to spend my leisure time dwelling on the darkside of human nature...I have to deal with that at work everyday...I was very disappointed with how dark Fable was...I just want a good old-fashioned happy-ending adventure story, not some psychopathic thriller.
  6. If you say you don't think homosexuality should be in games, you're a homophobe... If you say you think homosexuality should be in games, you're immoral... You just can't win sometimes...but yes, I know what you mean. Besides, Lesbian relationships in games seem primarily designed to cater to 14-year-old boys, not explore a mature sexuality theme...
  7. Furry porn. http://pk.immaginario.net/index/speciale/b.../blacksad-1.jpg Also, is it available in english? Thats another important requirement. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I believe volume 1 is in english. There are translations avaliable online for free.
  8. In the case of rape, fair enough. But otherwise, I don't see how pregnancy is "cruel and unusual punishment". People should accept their responsibility, not kill someone to cover it up. Life is sacred. What to you is "a bunch of cells" is to another a human life. Forcing someone to grow a parasite inside their body certainly stikes me as cruel and unusual. It requires them to change their lifestyle, causes sickness, and ends in several hours of excruciating pain. The extreme physical pain alone certainly makes it a coropal punishment, and we usually consider things like beatings and floggins cruel and unusual, so why not Labour? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> To be blunt: It's not the babies fault the mother didn't know how to properly use birth control...she should take responsibility. Her rights do not extend to killing an inconvienient child.
  9. I thought Jade Empire did a good job of portraying both a gay and lesbian relationship.
  10. Here it is...XBox and PSP will be compatable.
  11. You obviously weren't one of the regulars at "Lovely Aribeth *sigh*..." :D
  12. Yes I worried about that too. Its more a case of unrestrained sexual fantasys leading to pedophilia, which is the case for people of any sexual preference.
  13. Hmm... I am unsure as to the law in the west, but I think having a pedophile option in a computer game would get it banned faster than you could blink, or at the very least give the anti-gamers all the ammunition they would need to cause an apocalyptic shoot out. I see what your saying about cold-blooded murder being "ok" but pedophilia being "taboo", but I don't really want games to make a point of pushing the moral envelop. The fact that you could violently physically beat a divorce out of your partner in Fable was too much, in my opinion. I don't want things like torture, rape etc, in my games, thanks.
  14. They might count the gameboy too... Or it could be the Dreamcast <{POST_SNAPBACK}> No, Gameboy is the leader in the "hand-held" category...maybe it is dreamcast!
  15. I think the Xbox 360 is PC compatible, and the controllers work with a PC. Apparently its also compatable with the PSP.
  16. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I meant what frum is this from? And wow ..moderation might be needed " <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I can't remember...but if I find out I'll ask Kaftan to honor it with one of his choice graphic thread signatures.
  17. I found it on CNet: According to Jupiter Research, Sony led in the United States with 43 percent of the games console market at the end of 2004, followed by Microsoft with 19 percent, and Nintendo's GameCube with 14 percent. Nintendo's Game Boy still dominates the handheld gaming market, although Sony's new PlayStation Portable has raised a serious threat to that crown. So it is the console market...I wonder who has the other 26%
  18. No, but having inferior numbers and winning alot sure does mean that you are superior to your enemies, which was my point. Don't do a logic twist... My goodness, Nurb...I'm suprised Revan is winning by so much. btw, found some images online...what race is he?
  19. Does that mean Nintendo has 38% of the market? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> No, if I remember correctly, they had 14%. PC/other has the rest I assume...
  20. Ok all of you, please don't off-topic my thread to death. And picking on an old and venerable dwarf is just uncalled for. Volourn's been making forums more fun for a long time. Did that sound too much like a want-to-be Moderator? Apologies. Can anyone offer some insite as to when the 360 will be released? Christmas? One other thing, I read online that PS2 has 43% of the gaming market to Xbox's 19% - I didn't know PS2 was so popular...
  21. In the case of rape, fair enough. But otherwise, I don't see how pregnancy is "cruel and unusual punishment". People should accept their responsibility, not kill someone to cover it up. Life is sacred. What to you is "a bunch of cells" is to another a human life. Agreed, but I am still against Abotion in principle. And I agree with you that it shouldn't be paid for by the government.
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