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  1. I disagree. Bioware released a torrent of patches that really helped (eventually). They looked after us well. All NWN 1.0 needs to be a great, great game is to be patched up to 1.65, which is all Bioware and no community. I think your statement is alittle exaggerated. I agree with you however, that the community truely blessed NWN with tremendous replayability with its CEP.
  2. I DO look forward to playing it. Even if only to increase the chance of a KOTOR 3. The added depth to character creation and the new NPC's seem splendid. I'd like to find someone who owns the PC and the Xbox version to hear them compare the two bug-wise, since the PC patch will apparently add no new content to the story.
  3. Since you don't deal in ifs and only with what "actually happened", and probably don't know what exactly happened concerning the QA mess up (if it exists), you probably shouldn't run around looking for heads to roll. Mistakes happen. I never hear people cry so loud for so long when they waste they're money on a bad movie/meal experience. Lets just wait and see what the patch brings. It may turn out good in the end. NWN sure did.
  4. I'm not "missing out" so much as simply waiting. The game will still be there when the patch comes out, just (hopefully) less buggy.
  5. Yes, despite what I've heard about your game, reading about your NPC ideas alone is enough proof you have some great heads at Obsidian. I'll decide whether to buy it or borrow it after your soon-patch.
  6. So, if you hear a person across a room talking to someone else about something you were discussing a few days ago you automatically run over and tell them to change topics or join your old one? I saw the topic and I posted a reply. Why would I search the forums for your old 'legitimate' (apparently) topic when there is one right here to post in? If I offended you I'm sorry.
  7. I always wait at least a month before I buy a game, to judge the reaction. So, here I am, happy I didn't pay for an apparently broken KOTOR 2. So I'm willing to pay for a SE/GotYE, or even an expansion, but I think that in terms of you guys, a patch would be the fairest way forward, since you've already paid. Of course, I remember the first month or two of NWN so many bugs and so many unhappy campers. It was really nasty in the forums back then, but Bioware patched up a storm and now NWN 1.65 + CEP 1.51 is one of my favourite games. Lets hope Obsidian do the same. How soon we forget the long, hard road some games walk from initial release to final completion. We live in hope. And I can't hate Lucas Arts, despite what seems to be a colossal screw up on their part. Everybody makes mistakes, I just hope they fix it. Why can't I hate Lucas Arts? 1) X-Wing vs Tiefighter + expansion 2) X-WIng Alliance 3) Monkey Island 4) Afterlife 5) KOTOR So, I conclude, with hope.
  8. I miss the epic sense of Baldur's Gate. 8 CD's of roleplaying joy, watching a character go from whipper-snapper to battlehardened hero. The romances were excellent, the henchmen became like siblings to you, the villans were well written - and there were even plot twists and completely unexpected events, like a particular NPC from ToB. I believe that KOTOR had all it needed to be the first chapter of an epic Balduresque saga. But I refuse to buy KOTOR 2 until this phantom patch comes out and I see the reaction of the customers, see if it is truely worth it. KOTOR 3? I want most of all for it to be a continuation of a well-told story. Flame me if you must, but I think it would have been cool for the Jedi Council on Dantooine to have changed your name from Revan to "X" Skywalker, and make Revan's new identity the father/moyher of the Skywalker house, with Bastila/Carth at his/her side. And I'd love for the last KOTOR game in the series to conclude the tale of how the mighty Skywalker house was reduced to a lone female slave, Shimi Skywalker. But since I don't work for Lucas Arts, Obsidian or Bioware, I seriously doubt that will ever be how it unfolds, so have my idea for free to ponder. All I want is to come home from work and kick back with the wife infront of a great epic novel of an RPG and relax for a few hours, just like when Episode III comes out I want to be as spellbound with it as I was the first time I saw that white space door blow open and the first Stormtrooper jump through the smoke. Enough rambling. I hope for KOTOR 3 to be an epic, and for KOTOR 2 to be, shall we say, augmented, and for great RPG's to continue to be produced by gamers, not accountants. Heck, I'll even pay for the privilage.
  9. Wow. Now here is a reason to shout "read the first post". Hey, at least you have creativity. My name is Kelis Dav-Esjo/Dav-Esjos. I think the last name is below average on the cool factor. Although I think Dav-Esjos is the stronger of the two.
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