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  1. Ehhh, Atari. IIRC, their support for ToEE and MOO3 were pretty bad.
  2. Are you seeing a pattern with what happened to Troika and what might happen with OE ... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Agreed. After seeing Arcanum, then ToEE, and then Bloodlines, I pretty much gave up on Troika.
  3. The SecurRom problem is related to the "wrong disc" error message. Short of replacing your cd reader or using other questionable methods, it is impossible to fix. As for the Intel chipset problem, there was a thread way back (about half a year) about this topic. To my knowledge, the issue was partially fixed with the new patch. You might want to try this, though: uninstall KOTOR2 and delete the folder. Reinstall the game, but don't install the newest patch. See if that fixes anything.
  4. Are you using the latest version of Kotor2? If yes, then it may be a problem with Securom. And integrated graphics should work fine with Kotor/Kotor2. Try updating the drivers yet?
  5. Troika had the exact same problems with releasing patches for ToEE. We could shift the blame onto the publisher (in this case, Lucasarts), but at least some of the blame must be on Obsidian as a developer. As a developer, the game should have been checked by their own coders before it even went into QA. How can these technical problems been overlooked by their own in-house team? Moreover, as a developer, it is well within their rights to lobby/push their publisher to release patches (or else, move to another publisher). While SW may be the intellectual property of Lucasarts, the code itsel
  6. Like I said, this bug exists. I believe it was mentioned in the tech-support forum a few weeks ago. Sadly enough, my attempts to find the post have been unsuccessful.
  7. No, there's actually a bug that allows you to enter the Academy as Mira. edit: Ooof. I can't find the post, but I remember seeing it somewhere.
  8. SF4 will be cracked, mark my words. The only thing holding it back is time. And concerning Bloodlines, that game isn't even worth 10 cents. A lot of people defend Troika and all that, but after playing ToEE and Arcanum and seeing their sloppy code....
  9. Try this: - Right click "My Computer", and hit Properties. - Go into the Advanced tab, and hit the Settings button under "Startup and Recovery" - Uncheck "Automatically Restart" - Keep clicking OK until you get out.
  10. (Disclaimer: The following does not condone software piracy. It is merely what I have heard concerning this topic.) Actually, SF may be cracked soon. The reason why most groups gave up on it was because they usually compete with each other in terms of how many games they put out and not necessarily what is being cracked. SC:CT simply took too long to do, so most groups gave up. However, I believe there are still many groups that are working on it. And I pretty much agree with the previous posters; SF has ridiculous compatibility problems and security issues that need to be dealt with.
  11. Apparently there's a bug concerning Secure-rom (spelling?), the latest version of KotoR 2, and some CD drives. Evidently, it would recognize the KotoR 2 cd as invalid.
  12. Miss Aimo.. do you have a full portrait of the colored "Female Revan" a few pages back?
  13. There is unfortunately a pattern with Atari which is to force the release of unifinished games and patch them later. See what's happening with the very promising Boiling Point. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I think Temple of Elemental Evil is a bigger example.
  14. Turning on Anisotrophy will cause the game to start up in windowed mode for some people.
  15. Being stuck in windowed mode is a bug due to the AA/Anisotrophy settings. Once you turn them off, the game magically goes back into full-screen mode. And I really wish I did have an ATI card to help you guys out. To me, it seems like there's some sort of overflow error of some sort. Can someone post the BSOD error text? edit: As an addenum, I remember the time when Warcraft III (or was it another game?) was driving me nuts with startup crashes that I believed to be video card problems because it always crashed during the opening movie. However, it turns out that it was the sound card d
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