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  1. As Kreia would say, "To be united by hatred... is a fragile alliance at best."
  2. That is doesn't make it better, your system is just different. The U.S. military is all volunteer, citizens joining the Army or Marines join because they want to get into some action. You don't join the USMC to get an office job. It's somewhat more lax in the Navy and AF but the concept is the same. If you join the U.S. military you WILL be expected to fight the enemy, as deemed by military command, in any capacity that is requested. If you don't want to fight, don't join the military. You don't have to be a patriot to be proud of your country, but you CAN if you so choose. Individual choice. So do I, I also don't like whats going in the Sudan. Niether do I like all the news reports of robberies, rapes, and murders by immigrated Islamic Arabs in Sweden. I also don't like political dissidents jailed and tortured in China. My point was not to say, "We are angels! We do no wrong!", it was to illustrate that there are much worse atrocities going on in the world that should have the foremost attention. Yes I do, it could be anything, airliners, mass transportation, extent of highway roads, medical care, etc... A nation is defined first by its technologicl, industrial, and economical power. The U.S. standard of living is the second highest in the world and no nation would dare to assault U.S. soil. We have space shuttles and dozens of satellites. We have put a man on the moon, who else can claim the same? U.S. military power, YOU may not depend on it but your country does. For years EU countries have ridden the cotails of U.S. military bases, using them as an excuse not to fund their own national security. Alright, we'll also keep our troops home in the event that Putin decides he wants his eastern Europe satellite countries back. EDIT: fixed formating
  3. A mandatory draft not only rapes the constitution it also makes for a less effective military force. A draft should only be optioned in the event of a major war(IE: WW2) in which the majority of the nation supports the war effort. The all volunteer force we have now is more effective because of the simple fact that citizens joining the army join because they want to go fight. They have the motivation, the desire and apptitude to fufill this duty. A citizen forced to fight(IE: an unsupported draft) makes little more than cannon fodder. As for patriotism, what is wrong with that? Is it a crime to be proud of your country? No nation is perfect but I say with absolute certainity that the U.S. is the least of the international offenders of human rights. The U.S. is better than some other countries, I don't see Iranian carrier fleets or North Korean battleships anywhere. What about European militaries? Those nations depend on the local U.S. power like a baby depends on her mother's breast milk. With Putin slashing democratic processes in preperation for a return to communism the EU better get the plug out of thier ass and maybe get some patriotism for themselves.
  4. That is technically incorrect. An egg can only be fertilized by sperm, so the man has biological rights to the baby as much as the woman.
  5. However the catch is that the Mandalorians would of conquered the Republic without Jedi Intertevention, and would of become even stronger with the combined power of their race and the Republic. So unless the True Sith were counting on Jedi, or rather Revan to intervene then it makes no sense for them to encourage the Mandalorians along. Also note that Palpatine orchestrated both wars, with the Clone wars paving the way for the Galactic war to further cement his power in every corner of known space. He planned all that, now why wouldn't Revan have the same strategic forethought? I'll go along though and assume the True Sith predicted the Jedi's involvement, however if they had enough foresight for this then surely they would had the foresight to see that by allowing the Jedi to go war they would be strengthening the Jedi Order. Revan and the Exile become the two most powerful Jedi(or para-sith, not True Sith) in the known galaxy within the span of 10 years. Imagine how much more powerful it would of become in the next 50 years with Revan and the Exile teaching hundreds of new padawans? Sure alot of Jedi died in the two wars, but most of them were the weak ones, untrained in battle. Niether Revan nor the Exile(who are niether extremist Sith or Jedi, seeing as the facts say that even being totally DS they still strive to keep the Republic intact and in fighting form) would allow new students to be unlearned in the ways of battle. So if the True Sith are responsible for encouraging the Mandalorians then either way they ****ed themselves. Regardless, you never gave any reasons why Revan wouldn't scheme the two wars the way I posted previously besides "IT sure wasn't Revan".
  6. That, or Sith under the assumed "Jedi" Revan approached the Mandalorians and Revan tricked the Mandalorians and Republic into fighting to 1) create a reason for Jedi to go to war, 2) create feelings of resentment between wartime soldiers/Jedi and those sitting safe back at home, 3) use said war to convert Jedi into Sith, 4) use the acquired, now very loyal, former Republic fleet to capture the starforge, 5) conquer the Republic and combine the Starforge and the power of a geared up wartime Republic economy and military to strengthen the thousands of worlds against the coming battles against the True Sith. Part 5 didn't really pan out, as Revan, DS and LS, left known space to fight the True Sith out there.
  7. That's just what is said. I never bothered to worry about it. IMO any ruler who believes his planet can be an island with no political affiliations (vaklu vs. the Republic) is just deluding himself. His choice to bring in the Sith to take control is a big gamble that he won't end up being their puppet, because Onderon has tactical significance. But if I were an Onderonian under Talia, I'd move to Dxun. Oy. She annoys me. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Thats incorrect, there was no "Sith" empire, just remnants of Revan's fleets and troops, which were in turn traitors from the Republic. Whether Revan was LS or DS in KOTOR 1 makes no difference because both ways end the same, either the Republic beats the Sith at the Starforge and they scatter and wage geurilla war against the Republic and themselves or the Republic fleet is lost at the Starforge, Revan leaves for the Outer Rim and the Sith turn to civil war amongst themselves and destroy their power base just like it would be destroyed in the former situation. So in KOTOR 2 either way the Sith remnants are scattered throughout the Republic. Hence, Onderon retains it's individuality because the Sith allies are killed by the Exile and they don't have the power base to take the planet once Vaklu secures it.
  8. Why all this talk about levels anyways? There comes a point where the human body and mind reach a limit. The K2 level max should never of been set that high, niether should K1's. K1 should of stopped at 10 and k2 at 20. A soldier, no matter how many battles he fights in can only get so good as the limit of his physical body genetics. So as to would make more sense- Cap it at 30, come on, how many people actually got past level 30 in K2 without cheating? 10%? We can assume that both Revan and the exile are at or around 30 level by the time of K2's ending(Revan because of a good 5 year lead from K1). In the place of "more DBZ level annoyance" why not achieve new force powers or abilities at points in the game. The force is unlimited, it is every living part of the galaxy. As you(Revan or Exile, whatever) play through K3 you would gain newer force powers, gain new abilities, I dunno like Force Crush Area affect or something similiar. If a new engine is used(and I hope it is) then use a new combat style. Say a mix of Kotor and Jedi Knight, have more options in combat like an improved force jump. Where the jedi would jump into a group of enemies and sweep his lightsaber around, knocking down, injuring, or killing members of the group. Make the battles more tactical. Get rid of the 2 NPC limit. Have lots of NPC's like a squad game. Have 20 mandalorians running around with you engaging dozens of enemies at once. For example, for the sake of argument you are The Exile and you're leading some republic soldiers against a platoon of sith troopers. You're pinned down and they're well fortied, using a dialoge like tactical system you can instruct your men to charge, stay low, follow you to a flank position. Etc.. etc.., you could even charge then force jump into the sith and do a quick more powerful force wave, sending the sith sprawling everywhere. With the new combat style the sith would be much more vunerably in this state and your charging soldiers would massacre them. More tactical options. Instead of focusing on leveling and when do I get this force power, focus on the story, focus on the fun factor and interactivity of the battles. My 2 cents.
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