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  1. Piling up on Katarack21 achieves nothing, I am a developer too and I've been in the field long enough to know that end users and developers have their own definition of bugs. I think what he meant is that he didn't get any gamestopping bugs, which is very possible.
  2. Well to be fair most of the most gamebreaking bugs are in items bonuses calculation and other forms of stats (the constantly adding stat to obscene level is one, Cipher losing Focus regen is another) so people not observing the combat log and verifying calculations might think there is nothing wrong.
  3. You can use the ManageParty console command to remove the hunter and add him/her again, this will reload the pet. But there is a caveat, on every load you will have to redo this operation. It's a couple of clics and no big deal but it is annoying. Nevertheless, at least it let you continue playing.
  4. I'm too old now to be offended by videogames or be mad at bugs. Let's just wait for a couple of patchs, we waited this long for the game we can wait a week more for a patch to correct the most glaring issues.
  5. There is the advanceQuest console command you could try. Take a look there, it's number 19. http://rien-ici.com/iemod/console
  6. Don't forget Raedric's Hold pocket plane. Black screen when trying to leave or transition inside the Hold.
  7. I know how you feel, I've been stuck in the Raedric's Hold pocket plane for a while now. Had to transition out but can't go back to finish the quest. I'm now way overleveled. I intend to restart once the game is more stable anyways. The patch is due this week, so finger's crossed!
  8. Try the ManageParty command, maybe it will let you dismiss her even if you are not in a proper area, I never tried it. Also maybe force transition to the tavern and do it from there. You're not the only one with that problem though so you can maybe wait for a patch. Another solution might be to force re-spec the companion into another class through commands too, thus getting rid of the animal. Of course all of these disable achievements but at least you don' have to restart.
  9. From what I gather, it is permanent. Is the Ranger your PC or a Companion? EDIT: I'll try to play with your savefile tonight after work. There are couple console commands at http://rien-ici.com/iemod/console that I'd like to try. (Contrary to the website's name, there is actually something there )
  10. You could try to teleport out and see if transitioning from an area to another would not reload the pet. Here's how from another thread. Be wary, this will disable your achievements but this could at least provide a way out. Back up your saves first if you don't want to be locked out of achievements.
  11. Without knowing what exactly is the problem I'm out of ideas. This seem to be a very particular problem since it happens only on the Inventory screen and not on others. I would suggest trying to rollback drivers but this can be a complicated operation. The frist patch for the game is due this week so maybe wait for it before trying big operations. Oh and you're welcome
  12. To be fair, expecting Quicksaves and Autosaves to work as intended is not a shortcoming of the OP. Anyways, trying to assign blame for this bug is counter productive. Open the console with the tilde key, type Enter and then iroll20s (THIS WILL DISABLE ACHIEVEMENTS!). Then type AreaTransition AR_0705_Gilded_Vale North1 This will bring you back to Gilded Vale. You can use other area code, I found a list here : https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/62420848/poe-areas.txt guess the game just hates me I teleported and the same thing still happened http://i1011.photobucket.com/albums/af231/MortivoreDK/brrr_zpslioedzet.png Meh, then I'm out of ideas, if you have shadowcopy activated try to see if you can't come back to an earlier version of your save file, maybe you'll cut your losses that way. Go to the save folder, go into properties and you should have a 'Earlier version' tab (translated loosely so look for something similar).
  13. You can use an application like WhoCrashed to get the windows dump of the BSOD, sometimes it gives you insight from where the problem is coming from. I would bet you have a video TDR failure, I used to get a lot of those a couple of driver updates back then they stopped. Does it makes you restart your computer or it just crash the game?
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