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  1. Well to be honest, "ignoring the ranger class" isn't much of a solution. The immortal pet and the very fast rate of fire is a very solid addition to the group.
  2. Yeah I could kill her.. but again, what if the new ranger has the same problem? What if it happens in the next dungeon I go to? I don't like having to cheat just to progress normally.
  3. Got the same problem. It also affected ALL other savegames all at once. Totally game breaking
  4. I appreciate the help, I also contacted the support email with my savegames, I hope to get a save fixed at least, or a patch. This really sucks, I was really getting into the game too.
  5. It's a companion. By then I seem to already have broken the achievements (Any way to solve that? Use another savegame entirely?), I'd really like to get this fixed. What if I kill her, buy a new level 4 ranger (and it's very expensive) and the same bug happens? Remember, ALL savegames were affected, that includes the one saved before that dungeon.
  6. Oh man that sucks for the achievements then. And it's a companion. Since I need to "gather forth my party" before entering anything, I can't even do the "remove her from the rooster as I exit the tavern". I hope one of the devs can fix my savegame..
  7. Okay, I tried that. The pet did not reload even with a new map. Also, does it mean the game's achievements are permanently disabled, or just for that save?
  8. Hello! First of all, LOVE the game, this is why I'm such in a panic to post this and see it resolved. A game breaking bug happened this morning, as I spoke to Maerwald, listened to his rambling and initiated the fight. I noticed the ranger pet's icon was suddenly turned white, I didn't pay attention to it due to the intensity of the fight but when it ended, I realised I couldn't find the wolf anywhere. In fact, double clicking it just pointed to a point on the map which has nothing in it. Now, as much as it sucked, I figured "damn this will cost me a lot to dismiss this companion and create another one at the same level" but nope, I cannot leave any areas because I need to "Gather my party first". Uh oh. So... plan B, I reload an earlier save but no, SAME problem. Even if the save was before the fight. So my group is litterally trapped because my pet companion apparently just... disappeared. So : - Issue happened right at the Maerwald fight, right after he finishes speaking - I checked the integrity of Steam's files, no good, didn't do anything Please help! I'll include a savefile, please advise! http://www.filedropper.com/ceb2a3c1bbec46f3bab6cfbeb8af3f578989743endlesspathsofodnualevel1 Above is the link to download a zip with the three savefiles. It includes the autosave, the save BEFORE and AFTER. I've never seen a bug that applied to all saves before. If I could get a fixed save by email, joelbouchard@videotron.ca I would be immensely grateful.
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