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  1. So you don't want the dev's interacting with the backers? Okay. Well I'm glad that's cleared up. I'm glad you don't speak for all the backers. Didn't say that at any point. At the end of the day, this is a game that could forge Obsidian a great cash cow of a franchise and thusly they're not gonna take forum posts as gospel over their own ideas/experience, so you don't have to worry about this being some forum users' game. Judge them by the game, regardless of who's thought figured out which mechanic.
  2. I'm glad they've got their heads down, if the developers answered every open challenge to them they'd never be out of this damn forum.
  3. A question that I didn't want to start a new thread for: Does the 'fast runner' ability that increases movement speed also then mean an increase attack speed?
  4. I don't understand the statement either, only the human ethnicities are human ethnicities. The fantasy races are fantasy, and even the comparisons made are unbelievably archaic. 'Rough skin and muscular' Africans or 'feminine and intelligent' Asians? Puh-lease, leave those ideas out of a game forum.
  5. Sorry, maybe should clarify a bit but can't edit, I'll keep it in mind for other reviews. Overall it just means that the human racial bonus are not really relevant to this class specifics roles/abilities/etc. Ah, ok. I was just wondering. I know that in a lot of games humans represent the conservative build with no specific strengths, I should really look at the racial bonuses when creating a character xD
  6. How do you mean the human is 'irrelevant overall'? Specific to this class irrelevant or literally irrelevant overall? Ie not the best for any specific build
  7. Sexual dimorphism works both ways in a variety of species, and the female can be larger - I won't insult you by stating that you do not know this already, merely stating it so that were clear. I have not checked to see the size difference between the Orlan myself, but I shall take the fervour in this thread as reason enough to trust it. But above all else: 1) This is fantasy 2) It can happen in our world such as in the Hyena family 3) It may well be a bug To query is perfectly valid, to turn this into a fight is not. All you need to find out is which 1, 2 or 3 was the cause/reasonin
  8. No Asian ethnicities, but I don't think they're needed: Meadow Folk (Thyrtan) are Caucasian Savannah Folk (Natlan) are Mesoamerican Ocean Folk (Calbandra) are Sub-Saharan African The three ethnicities is enough to give a broad scope of appearances and cultural depth to humanity - which needs variety like any other player character in the game. More variety in the faces would easily add any variety people wished for, without Obsidian having to add in extra stories/backgrounds/cultures/regions for them to have existed within. The racial priority I'd have is with the Aumaua's aesthetic
  9. Speaking as a weaksauce player, am I to directly take that a MIGHT + CON guy would be a bad tank?
  10. Well the max you can get by the numbers is 21 in certain attributes with the necessary racial/cultural bonus, if I remember correctly, 18 from attributes + 2 race + 1 culture? The NPCs can have higher because they're NPCs afaik - there maybe story events that need you to use members who have a 21 attribute + thus you can get different bonuses for picking 21 Dexterity Bob over 21 Mighty Timmy at the start? I dunno
  11. 1) They ain't gonna draw anyone purposefully or obviously ugly 2) Nobody questioned whether, just when, they'll get around to drawing the coloured and black fellas/lasses No worries, lets not take this down any race/gender discussion route
  12. Yeah, the character design screen is influenced by how you design your character, and thus it doesn't fit everyone (unless its asymmetrical) Some people are entirely role playing and others entirely stats, with all the rest of us gr(e/a)ys inbetween. Overall, I like the way the character creation screen looks and - thanks to my love of symmetry - wouldn't be that bothered if it stayed forever ever. P.s. the greens for the health bars are very Chernobyl green, do please switch to a deeper colo(u)r.
  13. From what I can discern, its a minor thing on the flow of the character selection screen i.e. knowing where all your attributes are rather than finding out you had a +1 on Resolve already factored in from being from Aedyr and you've just changed that. Very minor.
  14. I don't think putting class after attribute selection makes sense as when this is released non-backer players won't know what classes like Cipher are or how they will want to build them. Although most people do go back and forth during character creation, I don't think its great game design to force people to do so. You could have it where once you've chosen culture the attribute rectangle thing drops down and then you go into the choosing attribute screen, but I think the best idea is to bite the asymmetrical bullet.
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