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  1. In addition to the damage stacking, i want to also point out two problems on the duration of the skill. The effective duration (24.3s in my case) doesn't fit the tooltip duration (18.2s when you hover the mouse on the line), I'm in Ptod upscale if that matter. (I don't have the rigth to post the image) The 41s enfeebled effect is also supspicious, tooltip says 21s... In addition to that the curse is considered a beneficial ability so ability power, high intelligence and turning wheel quickly put the initial 10s close to 20s and your resolve is not considered. So as you gain level this ability can be used less and less often. Other than that the game is a more challenging and better than ever, great job !
  2. I totally agree ! I hate to be forced in thinking "oh I could finish that fight quickly but let's save some spell for later..." It's not fun ! Less filler combat, make every encounter hard and give the player the full potential of their characters at every combat ! Great change they made ! In the first POE, i just used cypher as caster in my team because you could use them all the time.
  3. I agree with slapstick, they should get full exp. In hard difficulty or under, it's not really a problem, you can do with a weaker companion in your team but in PotD, it just limit your choice to a fixed team. Or you can "farm" exp before a given challenge to raise a companions exp but anyway your team will never have an homogenous level and the risk is to have the feeling that some companions are weak.
  4. Maybe it's a limit to avoid boarding fight with 30 companions on your side ! But anyway, they could just limit the number of out-of-party companions that show up in a boarding fight. I'm also for lifting that restrictions or just expanding it a bit.
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