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  1. There's a thread with lots of people unable to transition out of readric's hold. The screen goes black and CTD sometimes. Unless they had a save before they entered a certain part of the hold, they're pretty much screwed...
  2. I'm avoiding Raedric's as well but unfortunately I've double-clicked armor before having the bug come to my attention I can't remember if I've double clicked before. Anyway to check what I'm missing... It isn't too gamebreaking for me as I still can handle fights (playing in hard). Sure, you aren't getting some inherent bonuses, but at this low level and against low level enemies like xaurip, it isn't too much a big deal. I should say I only have a couple of hours to play each day, so I'm still at level 4. For those 'lucky' that have lots of time to play, its not so lucky, if they have all the time in the world, but can't progress and are impaired for most of the game...
  3. oh, I have never found a hidden item before...makes me want to go back and check~ Is there a full list of hidden items by area?
  4. I feel it is imbalanced if you can get off a good FoF. There is a risk reward element to it also. With its short range, your mage would be in danger of getting engaged in melee. Having him in front would probably mean your party formation is not in its optimal position when battle starts. If battle has already started. Its use is also more situational than fireball. Battles might be at a choke point with your mage behind, and FoF is not possible at all unless you wanna go yolo...Alternatively, in an open battle, the amount of time to move your caster from the back lines to the flank to cast a FoF, you could get off a couple of spells in those times. That's still considering your mage is at risk being in front. I hope i'm wrong and there's a better way to position/use FoF? Do share with me
  5. Sorry to detour a little. Anyone knows what's the max level cap?
  6. I'm just avoiding Raedric's hold for now, equipping items by clicking and dropping them onto the slot instead of double clicking. I'm not playing a rogue or ranger at the moment so the bug doesn't affect me atm. AA is not a big deal for me. So I'm continuing to enjoy the game while waiting for the patch to arrive..Hopefully soon!
  7. Baldur's Gate was exactly the same as well. You started with your own character and NPCs join your party. I loved the combat there. Especially in Throne of Baal, combat was so intense I was pausing every few seconds to reissue commands. To be honest, I never liked NWN series of games because of the 'watered-down' combat to make it more simple. You control your main character just as you've said. As a true successor to BG, I'm more than happy with this system. To address your other points, I don't feel it breaks immersion at all. It is a RPG and tactical game after all, and marketed as such. I am also looking for these elements in the game, not just the story.
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