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  1. Hi Storm, thanks for your reply. I've not played since the issue happened, as I was afraid I would break it further. I'll try later, and post a screen grab if it happens.
  2. Bump. I didn't see this issue in the known bugs list. It shouldn't be related to the alt characters as I hadn't bought any alt characters. Also, my character lost her card feat while solo-ing.
  3. No I have not purchased the alt for Merisiel. I've stopped playing now, forgoing all daily quests before all my characters get corrupted.
  4. Was playing to compete my daily quests. Suddenly, Merisiel whom I've selected the 6 card hand card feat suddenly lost it. She now only can draw 5 cards. There is no way to get it back. Going back to the adventures, its recognised I've already received the reward. This truly sucks. VER-751-20161221 PFID-7F8F2D8421586FF5
  5. I've had the Merisiel recharge banishing blessings bug since the patch. Can't play her at all since then. Sucks much...
  6. I saw the new update, and thought I try out the game on my Merisiel solo in Podiker scenario. When I started the first game in the new patch, I drew a Blessing of the Gods. This is impossible because my Merisiel is decked out with other blessings. So I tried to gain back a blessing from adventuring. After 3 games I still didn't encounter a different blessing. Somewhere in the middle of the 3rd game, I drew a second Blessing of the Gods. Another of my blessing simply got replaced by Blessing of the Gods again. This is ridiculous. I can't play the game anymore, risking all my stuff getting lost for no reason!
  7. Yup, that's what this forum is for anyway. Feedback. My feedback is a quest in the form of that like Hearthstone's would be a step in the right direction.
  8. I agree. My first challenge I got was to reduce 20 damage. To complete this quest in 1 day would be endless grinding and hoping to get the cards in hand and screw up your throw so badly you purposely take damage to reduce. It goes against the grain of playing this game in the first place. At least let it persist till you complete it and let you accumulate 3 quests at a go just like in Hearthstone or something. I won't be bothered about daily quests as it is at this moment.
  9. Exactly my thoughts esctab Thank God I read the forums before opening all my chests. I have 50 saved up now for next release of AD4
  10. I mean, right now, you can see some cards in gallery where you don't own it yet. You think you can get them by treasure chests, but you can't get all of them. Its kinda misleading to people who spend real money to buy treasure chests wanting to collect them all now. You should save those chests, and only start opening them when all the cards have been released.
  11. I'll post again as my previous post didn't garner any attention. It is widely reported that not all cards have been released. There is zero chance of getting certain cards because they have not been added to the game. The card place holders are there, but you cannot get them until Obsidian updates the game. In the latest patch, a bunch of cards were added to the pool that you can get from treasure chests. I have personally opened 50 chests before 1.0.3 and another bunch after the patch and can verify from my own experience that cards are being slowly added to the game. Of course, this is all widely reported. Of course a word from an Obsidian staff to clarify this would go a long long way.
  12. Why do you say that they haven't been released? (Treasure cards) There's no reason the treasure cards can't come out now - I can't earn them anyway, since I have to get to a high enough level for them to drop, which I can't do until the packs come out. I already know I can earn treasure that's > deck 3. From what I know, someone correct me if I am wrong, is. Is all cards are in the game for you to be acquired yet. The card placeholders are there, but there is no way for you to get them from opening treasure chests yet until Obsodian releases the cards in the next few updates or so.
  13. Not all cards have been released yet. You should save the chests and open a few now until all the cards have been released. Back to your chest findings, does this mean in our gallery the maximum amount of one card is 10? When we reach 10 copies, we won't be able to find anymore?
  14. A month after having bought the full game, I'm convinced the gold system was designed for 2 things: 1) so that people who don't want to spend money can grind gold and eventually but everything if they grind hard enough. 2) suck money out from everyone wants to collect all the cards. Having bought the game, I don't feel rewarded for playing a whole new party of fresh characters because I only earn a puny 20-30 gold per scenario with no end scenario rewards. You can't possibly play legendary starting out with fresh new characters. I feel, There should be 2 kinds of currency. The scenarios rewards give you gold the first time you complete it and that's it. You can't earn another 200 each time from grinding Podiker. After which, it should reward you with platinum or some other kind of currency no matter which difficulty level you play. And platinum is only used to buy treasure chests. This way the ftp players can't grind the full game out in under 3 days which is pretty crazy by the way. At the same time they will be filled with platinum and tons of chests for cards in future adventures they cannot afford yet. That way, it would entice them to maybe just drop that cash to unlock the adventure rather that grinding 1 week just to get it for free. Furthermore, for people who bought the full app, they can use excess gold and platinum to buy treasure chests, while being able to explore the full app with multiple variations of each character and be rewarded for doing so.
  15. How about the scenario that rewards the gold items? Will these be handed out again or you only get it once?
  16. Completing this adventure story on legendary doesn't grant gold. At the victory screen, you clearly see the gold being rewarded and added to you gold bank. But after when back at he main screen, the gold level goes back to as before.
  17. Haha, you are right with the OCD part. but Obsidian is milking the OCDness by creating a blackhole of RNG treasure chests that is meant to suck your money. It already is pretty bad that not all cards have been implemented, and not properly communicated. I feel bad for those who have already spent real money on chests hoping to collect the whole set. For me I have only spent hours of my time. But still...
  18. I hate CCG's, so there is hate. I hate artificial scarcity, or any scheme that relies on taking advantage of gambling impulses to make more money. I especially hate that every patch so far has come bundled with new cards in the pool available while you can still get the old ones, thus increasing the amount you have to spend to get new cards. They should be released as new treasure chests. I'm sure this will continue on every patch to add more cards to try and collect the whole set while reducing the chances of getting any particular card continually. Every other digital adaptation of a physical game that has expansions did so in a way that was just purchasing a pack, and you get the content. Elder Sign, Star Realms, Ascension. None of these said that you can get more content in CCG-like packs, if you want an expansion, you buy the expansion, just like the physical PACG was sold. I just want to buy the content in the same format, where I don't have to rely on luck to eventually, maybe, but possibly not, get everything. Fair comment. I guess I was responding as I thought he meant hatred toward Obsidian developers, etc. Stop for a second and think about that statement for a moment though. Why should you need a gambling mini-game as incentive to play your real game? Shouldn't the gameplay of the game itself be incentive to play? We play the physical game, sometimes solo, despite all the extra work in doing so, without gold or incentive because it's a good game. I get that you're trying to weigh pros and cons but if you think about that statement, it's a little weird. True that. I agree with someone who posted above that at least give a bigger gold bonus to those who bought the full app or just all the cards fully unlocked.
  19. I would like to correct you that there is no hate Its more like baffled at it. Sure, you can play the game a lot to get $160 worth of game for less than $25. I think the whole point is people don't want to play a lot of the game to do that, and we rather have a price for the whole thing upfront. At least have the option there so that if you don't want to kill Pillbug Podiker a thousand times, you can just pay for it. Technically you could spend real money to buy treasure chests, but right now, the way it is designed, even if you sink in and addition $135 to buy treasure chests, you may not even get the full set of cards due to RNG. And this whole sinkhole of endless money you have to pay for without knowing the end to get the full set of cards is the whole predicament here.
  20. It's not the same. And it is scary that lot of people seem to think that on this board. You don't get any item better than common, if you "buy" the game. How is this fair? EDIT: appears I might be wrong and that there are unique cards that can only be found in the chests! Well, I guess the gold I'm accumulating will actually have a use. I guess it makes sense or else what use would the gold have at all? I have to say it is extremely refreshing to see a good discussion about this topic. I was posting a rather emotional message yesterday because I am sooo incredibly disappointed about this game's gold system. It is an incredible well implemented game apart from this. I have to admit that apparently the extra cards are not part of the normal card game (since you can deactivate them in the menue). So... the extra cards are designed only for the digital games? I can not find a card list online of the physical game so can somebody confirm (check for real and confirm not guess...I would myself but I am not at home for quite some time)? Also... what about playing this game offline. There are actually two truths promoted on this board. Am I able to play the scenarios and play with all characters when I am offline? If yes, that is extremely badly communicated in the game and on the website (maybe underline difference between story mode and quest mode stronger) Again: I think the IAP-system is NEARLY perfect. The gold/time ratio is fair enough. There are a lot of things for grinders to unlock and statistically there will be a lot who spend money who normally would not. But: If I buy the game, I want the whole game. Give me a base chance on uncommon, rare and legendary items (...I guess in quest mode?!?) even if I decide to not grind the hell out of this game (not have time for this). I want to buy this game. I am actually looking forward to future scenarios and will be more than happy to pay 25 dollar each. Just treat me like a paying customer and not screw me over and force me to use the gold system. Because right now you get 0 dollar (not only from me, I guess, but everybody who expects a full game). I agree with you. Sick of killing Pillbug Podiker over and over again. I bought the whole game but yet, have to grind out to get the full game with all the cards in it. Even then its 100% by chance and probably take me more than a year to finally unlock all cards, and spend a total of 50 hours salvaging the dups that I got. In response to what you said, yes they get 0 because we want to grind it out. There may be some who just have the money or people like us who got sick of grinding who will spend extra on gold to get treasure chests. That is the sad part because this game is really one of the best mobile apps I've played (I have never played the real life game), that this monetisation part is like a thorn at the side of a rose.
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