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  1. Microsoft accentuates the importance of middleware in game industry, which is not surprising considering their success is based on supplying middleware (OS) in offices. However, whatever MS
  2. One of the things I like about Tactics Ogre series is that the conflicts are not between goodness and evil but factions which experienced complex history of hatred. The word ogre is used to emphasize bloodiness beyond humanity, which gives immersion in terms of tough moral choices posed during the course of game. The original Ogre series were released long before Baldur
  3. I'd agree. I played SWAT4 SP demo only because of Irrational. I found it less repetitive and more tactical than some of RTS style CRPG, which was not surprising since I heard that FPS is getting more intelligent. So, I tried Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, too. I thought I was not good at shooters but my experience with Thief series worked well
  4. ?...I think you missed my argument, or maybe, I couldn
  5. Middleware is getting more and more important in making games and developers cannot ignore it no matter which genre is their forte. I don
  6. I like the recent decision on the forums by FU, or, at least, Obsidian and its fan re-recognized the importance of the fan base. However, does Obsidian have their prospect about the feature of the game industry, like Ken Levine? As Ken Levine pointed out, I think one of the charms of Bioware is their generosity. Although their games are not always my cup of tea, I kept my respect to Bioware. Seeing Bioware as a joint point for global independent studios has been also my view, which is why I didn
  7. Was it? I must have missed it, then. I thought there was a line like yours but can
  8. Basically, I agree with you about
  9. I think a certain kind of immatureness is expected to be even in American literature, of which I accept as a part of its character. In fact, Henry Miller admitted the immatureness but I still respect his talent. A bit off topic, but Related with American uniqueness, I began to play KotOR2 (I wonder when I can finish it
  10. The most NPC dialogues are written and voice-acted well but PC isn
  11. True. However vampiric flirting isn't about love or sex. It's about manipulation and power, and vampires are usually into both. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yes. The core theme was well treated in Bloodlines, which was at lest refreshing to me among other epic fantasy settings. I have nothing against epic fantasy genre but I know many more settings and possibility of RPG.
  12. I think boss fights were decent and allowed some tactics especially for non-combat characters. Oh
  13. It's been awhile so I can't remember where I read it, but there was a quote from either obsidian or LA in an interview saying that both would be out by Christmas. Just shortly later there was the official announcement that the Xbox version would be out in December and the PC version would hit some time in Feb. It's possible someone said something they shouldn't, but I trust the sorces I would have gotten it from as they could get suede for things like that. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I did nothing but a simple search on the net to support my post. Gamespy Gamespot Could you point out your source?
  14. No, originally, both PC and X-box versions were planned for releases on February. So, X-box version was released earlier than the original plan becuase of the request from the publisher. As for the bugs... Just for corrections.
  15. First, I thank Mnemon for having brought up the interesting topic. I also vaguely compare independent studios like Obsidian/Troika to indy film makers. However, I think not so many people put the issue this comprehensively. I have a similar idea on that some companies are specialized in building engines while others are specialized in making content, too. I think in a way, Bioware and Obsidian relationship is somewhat desirable. Of course, I don
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