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  1. I almost never get on to post, but this is really something I feel strongly about. Other people have done a good job of outlining why this could potentially negatively impact the game, so I won't just rehash what everyone has said. I will say that having tried out Tyranny's system, where you basically just spam all of your abilities in every fight, it was significantly less gratifying. We already have multiple no Vancian resource systems in the game, so I don't see the value of eliminating it.
  2. Weird, thanks to you both for investigating. I'm really quite grateful, as I was about to just give up on the play-through until a patch.
  3. Bump for this, also further info: I've got WM 1 & 2 I started this play-through on 3.03 If anyone responds to this I can try and provide the output logs as well.
  4. It seems there has been a return of the issue where Kana breaks the party when you switch him out, and then try to add him back after completion of his quest in the Endless Paths. I can't seem to ever put him back in my party now, or it just breaks my party. He has none of the chants he's learned previously, and I'm unable to switch out or in any party members after adding him to the party. Just wanted someone to be aware that this bug is back. Game Save File: https://www.sendspace.com/file/d6sa0t
  5. As long as it doesn't detract from other things bring touched up right now, I completely agree with Sensuki. As long as the UI is well designed, it shouldn't create a problem with picking out "useful" items from loot piles, and it really adds to the immersion to have enemies actually have equipment like the PC.
  6. OP, I really like your suggestions for the most part. I truly think that the distinction between physical strength and magical strength should be clear and captured in different stats.
  7. You might be surprised by the lack of foresight that human beings are capable of exhibiting. As far as the forgotten realms settings go, the opportunity for power as a demon in the afterlife might actually be a tempting prospect to some individuals. I would tend to agree that most people (in the real world) do evil out of weakness, carelessness, or fear. But in the forgotten realms setting at least, there were at least as many gods that you could serve by being 'evil' as you could being 'good'. The worst thing one could do in the eyes of the gods is be a non-believer. An important thing
  8. I mean ultimately, even in a game that is 'combat heavy', I would say even 2 or 3 quality combat sequences per rest is more than your average DnD tabletop campaign, unless you're just running something really kill heavy. Additionally, from a role playing perspective, I think it would make sense that the large majority of characters would want to engage in life or death situations as little as possible, and especially when it isn't necessary for some tangible objective. For those that truly feel that murder is an important part of progression, then the value provided in the loot, or in not ha
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