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  1. Not sure what the problem is. Hard difficulty play through #2, my monk off tank hits harder and faster than any other class. Sure there is a dmg sponge syndrome, but that's a ltp issue it seems. If you're having issues, perhaps it's because you're attempting to crush things which have a high crush DR? Not sure.
  2. You didn't understand any of it, correct. @OP. I feel ya man, however there are a great many bugs affecting both difficulty and attribute scores. I stomped through a hard play through and started a second making sure to avoid these bugs and the game is a bit more even In the regard I'd expect. the point that Jon sawyer attempted to address was a bad Stat spread could still play the game. Apparently he succeeded.
  3. Yes, your achievements are safe unless you type 'iroll20s'. Also, we did reduce the minimum zoom recently from 0.5 to 0.75 due to concerns about the resolution of the background images. Awesome confirmation thank you!
  4. that zoom in is about the same as mine in the same resolution... and i dont see what purpose any further zoom in would serve It would serve to zoom in a bit further. Same problem with me, Justinian. All throughout the beta I thought people were just enlarging their photos compared to mine. It's slightly frustrating to have to squint and lean closer to my monitor to try and make out details like pixels between melee engagement to see if I can move or not.
  5. I've done a few calculations on this myself. I want to check to see if armors have types behind the scenes, but at the very least I wanted to tie dex to medium armor. I actually WANT a reason for my characters to wear medium and light armor instead of going naked to plate. I cannot fathom for the life of me some of these systems intent.
  6. Unfortunately I think you'll see more kids or trolls tying it to a Diablo clone. Those who remember or played BG likely will not undervalue the return to a BG-style game, while those who never heard of or played BG tend to relate this type of game to action games like Diablo. le sigh. Cuz the point-and-click interface, right? Yeah, I can see that. I have spotted a few "Just a BG clone" posts on the Steam forums, so that's where I pulled that from. Yep. 2014 was the "Hail to RPG" year for major review sites. While most of the RPGs that released in 2014 were simply mediocre
  7. Unfortunately I think you'll see more kids or trolls tying it to a Diablo clone. Those who remember or played BG likely will not undervalue the return to a BG-style game, while those who never heard of or played BG tend to relate this type of game to action games like Diablo. le sigh.
  8. Where I work now sending out 70k emails at a time isn't uncommon, what happens is if it's a bulk mail going to customers we queue it up and do it in batches of 1-3k every 5-20 minutes depending on how much normal outbound load is(fewer sends during normal ops, more when everyone is home) they "when" of how they're sent is they're randomly selected out of the queue. As for how each person gets their keys, most likely they'll be pulled directly out of an access database file and revoked out of the file when they're assigned to the person in question when the email is generated. That's how I di
  9. I believe the person you are replying to was implying that time is of the essence and those 7 hours, depending on hardware/experience, would be a burden on Obsidian considering how the community is behaving even now.
  10. Unfortunately I have to agree. I've been wondering how I would handle this from a database perspective as well as a time management and server load. I have to imagine that most of the technical staff have been pushed into either post-production development or a skeleton crew of pre-launch patch development. Unless Obsidian has a dedicated team of database administrators or data analysts to field all of these keys it'd be an after-hours burn for any developer at the 11th hour to aggregate all the sources and even happy path the website transition.
  11. The forward by J.S. pretty much alludes to further volumes assuming the reception of PoE 1 goes well. I think it's safe to say more games = more volumes of books.
  12. What are you whining about? Nothing is left out of the game in any way. I believe he/she is alluding to the basic/champion/royal tiers as if some of those contain gameplay elements. *shrug* Anyways good luck to those who wait out this key storm. I can't abide by this stuff. I'll get the content like I did in the IE days, I suppose. From a box when life gives me the time to sit down with it.
  13. yeah I've made that connection too. He does have a point though. What would you call it instead? You made the connection but deduced they're not talking about it...correctly. PoE is definitely not Path of Exile for the same reason that when I say D.A. in my meetings at work nobody thinks I'm talking about Dragon Age. Use the context you happen to be a part of and move the $! on. If anybody has an update to the topic of OP, I'm all ears and very curious as well.
  14. Disengagement attacks are more than enough to punish movement.I'm curious if anybody feels that the disengagement trait bonuses are even worth taking over other perks. Edit: my punishment in game for this choice is to basically never move when engaged. Personally I will not be taking disengagement bonuses because I feel there are more valuable options, where it seems as if obsidian believes this is a game play value to have a movement based penalty offshot by player selected abilities. What if the ability instead ALLOWED a character to disengage in combat without penalty instead of add
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