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  1. It is aspects and concentration to detail like this that will make this game great. I hope the system gets more focus and depth going forward as this will add a lot or longevity to a great game.
  2. Definitely the 2D Baldur's Gate style, given the talent of the artist it gives more bearing and personality toward the character IMO, I guess it also depends on how pretty the 3D models end-up. E.g. I would much rather GW2 3D model portraits than say Divinty's Original Sin, but that's just my opinion
  3. Do we still need to post if we filled out the survey? If so: "Futureworld of the Obsidian Order"
  4. This game is pretty awesome, just make sure you have your saved games backed up. As I just learnt the hard-way with a dead HDD
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