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  1. Well it's well known that everybody on the Internet is a computer engineer with 20+ years of experience in software development Anyway, after playing some more, here's my 2 cents about combat : -> Combat is a bit too fast paced, a lot is happening at the same time. -> The range of spells is way too short. -> I think adding chants, increasing spell casting time, visual impact and damage could help to give a more dynamic feel.
  2. I see that many people have observed the same; action speed and combat overall are too fast. I also think it's important to keep it on the slower side. I can't say it better.
  3. I agree. I've been having hard time understanding who was doing what. Sometimes during the fight i couldn't tell if a char was auto-attacking or just doing nothing/having problems with pathfinding. I guess we need more visual feedback. Can we put the party members in auto-cast mode? I'd rather focus on my main character during a fight.
  4. I guess it's easier to identify who's using what that way. I really don't mind.
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