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  1. That's always been the case, though. And in most games, you can always modify the queue—say, by right clicking the elements. Assuming we don't see NPC AI (which, IMO, doesn't solve the problems a queue does), how else do you deal with directing party members in combat? If you have to pause every 2s then we might as well be entirely turn-based.
  2. I'm absolutely for a queue — but a limited one (<= 3, tops). Enough to get you through this round and then next, but not much more. Combat should force you to be adaptive, but at the moment even with feedback you will be swapping between characters almost constantly in order to keep them "busy" using anything but auto-attack. I'm also not sure how the presence of a queue would "change the feel of combat" a lot (no-one thus far has cared to actually elaborate). Without a queue (or NPC AI), you're only able to plan one round ahead. In longer fights with more than one caster class, you're in for a world of micromanagement. How do you avoid that whilst still avoiding a queue?
  3. Priest, Cipher or (maybe, as a hark back to my NWN PW days) a Ranger, with whatever companions gel the most story-wise. Really enjoying the Priest's support and the Cipher's crowd control/damage dealing.
  4. Agreed. I'm running a second game with a melee (2H + Breastplate wearing) Cipher. It was typically very hard to play an effective "spellsword" style character in IE/D&D CRPGs, so I'm glad PoE seems to have made some concessions there—at least from the small snippet of beta gameplay.
  5. Chanter — interesting, Bard-like concept. Some of the spells were great and definitely useful in a fight, but Chants felt extremely passive and it wasn't immediately obvious when an Invocation was available (without checking between pauses). I like the flavour but am keen to see how it plays once they tone it down. I think a better UI/notification for Invocations being ‘ready’ would go a long way here. Cipher – haven't had as much time with the Cipher as I'd like (kept running into quest/item killing bugs last night), but was at least starting to experiment with a greatsword-wielding one. The spells are heavy on the CC, chain AoE and single-target damage: they look like genuinely useful damage dealers. There are some skills that look to cause PBAoE damage (which makes things pretty hairy) as well, but for obvious reasons I didn't pick those up on a melee character. Perhaps rethink those to provide some more range and/or only affect enemies (I do get the need to have some friendly fire stuff in there though!) Priest — great spell selection. Definitely one of the most useful members of my party. Have the hardest time juggling "casting something" with "attacking something with my mace” on the Priest, since they have plenty of useful (and per-encounter) spells, but the current pace of combat doesn't enable effective use. Rogue — hard to say. Felt a little passive too: plinking away in the back. Didn’t feel like I needed to flank, so hard to gauge overall contribution to the group. Need more time with this one. Wizard — similar to the Cleric, although since all of his damage comes from spells, I don't feel as compelled to make him hit things. Grimoire's took a moment to understand (even after reading the Wiki) since their location is non-obvious (your paper-doll). My Wizard has been a major damage contributor in my 1.5 played games: Necrotic Lance and a few other single-target spells have been great against ranged or stronger enemies. Given the number of spells/abilities (great!), I think a limited ability queuing system would go a long way: especially for hybrids/casters. I want to be able to pause, set up a heal, AoE CC, etc, and then focus on another target. I have a ton of spells and I’m resting (for health) long before I run out of casts. My favourite class thus far is probably the Priest (closely followed by the Wiz), but it’s also the class I need to babysit/micromanage the most to get even a half-decent amount of effectiveness out of it. My background is the (entirety) of the BG/IWD series and a ton of MMO’s since too, so I’m no stranger to “tons of abilities to deal with” either.
  6. I'd definitely like to see this. If the spells/abilities are "classified" up back then being able to set a "healer", "support" or "damage" modes would be useful. Perhaps a later (i.e. post-release) step would be able to create custom "sets" where you drag in a bunch of spells (in order) and the party member cycles through them from combat start -> end. Buffs, some CC, some heals, and step in to take control as needed. As for the argument of "too many abilities": I disagree. I think some of this could go away by stretching combat out a little (not too much) and increasing health pools to make encounters a bit longer. Some limited ability queuing (n = 2?) would be useful: get your Fighter to Knockdown enemy B, and then change to Enemy A. Wizard CC's enemy C and attacks enemy A, etc, etc.
  7. Keys are redeemed at an account level, so when the Mac version is available you can just download it. I don't believe Valve allows vendors to provide separate, per-platform products on Steam for the same title.
  8. Hi all, Figured I'd write this up after putting some hours in last night: The skills/spells UI above the character portraits is where I spend 90+% of my time during combat—picking spells, activating per-encounter skills, etc. Yet it's a tiny grid of squares that offer very little feedback. The rest/journal/character UI in the middle of the screen however is where I spend very little time, exacebated by the fact that all of those pages have well known/well loved keybinds attached by default (L, C, J, M, I, R). So! Move the Rest/Journal/Map/etc buttons to where the spells/skills are now. Small, out-of-the-way buttons that provide quick indication at a glance of how many camp supplies you have left, and an interface for those who prefer to click that's still available. Spells/skills need to be front-and-center. Although PoE is not purely a combat game, just like it's IE past there's still plenty of combat to go around. Make the grid in the bottom middle show the spells for each character (by level, as it does now) and also provide some useful "quick slots" for most often used stuff (say, three quickslots that players can drag spells/skills into) The same goes for skills (i.e. Knockdown, et. al) - should be right there in the middle. Some extra stuff: Provide better indication on some abilities' AoE radius—some Priest spells appear to be PBAoE centered on the Priest, but unlike targeted AoE there's no indication of their range (hard to judge if I'll hit all party members) Chanter Invocations need more feedback when ready. Not sure on how to achieve this. Open to ideas from others. Easy to hit three Chants and not realise you can cast an Invocation without babysitting the UI between turns. Hope that's clear. Happy to elaborate further.
  9. [Description of the issue] Attempting to loot a corpse with a summoned creature crashes the game. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] Summoned a Chanter Phantom in combat; Phantom persists after combat; Attempt to loot corpse with Phantom selected; Crashes game after churning on CPU for a few seconds.. [Expected behaviour] Should not be able to loot, or should bring up loot screen with no inventory on the summon [Other remarks / Comments] None. [Files] None - can attach but can't find anything useful in SteamApps/Pillars of Eternity/ directory structure. [special] None.
  10. First few minutes (first impressions are key for those other than us die-hard beta backers): Intro splash screens not skippable (via Esc or Space) Character creation resolution appears to be very low-res (running 2560x1440 @ 60Hz) In-game assets slightly blurry at 2560x1440 - portraits, models and UI appear to be scaled slightly too high (running default/100% scaling - no changes) None of these are deal breakers for me (at all) but might be picked upon by more fickle gamers in the larger population.
  11. Somewhat related, I am seeing the opposite issue: the loading screen background is too large. Game set to 2560x1440p Main menu fills screen correctly In-game fills screen correctly Loading screens over-scaled for resolution
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