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  1. There you go... It's a bit rough, but it should look ok ingame.
  2. Savanna folk monk Hearth Orlan mystic/cipher/wizard Have a nice day!
  3. Since I'm in the process of going through PoE1... again... to prepare another character for Deadfire, I thought to rectify something that always bothered me a bit: The design of a certain, late game character. Note: I have yet to figure out how to actually change the portrait ingame, since just dropping it into the "npcs" folder, overwriting the original, didn't seem to do the trick... maybe it only works on a new playthrough?
  4. It probably would be ideal if the game treasted all characters as being in one party while on the ship, at least while in menus... not sure if the systems would even allow that, though. In PoE1 you at least could change members at any time while being in Caed Nua.
  5. This... some form of glamor option would really be nice, especially in a setting with such a wide range of interesting clothing designs.
  6. Thanks! Photoshop... I use it semi professionally, but I usually don't do any coloring.
  7. That would be Yong Jun Park... here is his art station page: https://www.artstation.com/jagercoke Some of his stuff is mildly NSW... fair warning.
  8. Small correction: For some reason, the "si" versions of the new - as in, new to Deadfire - portraits are 90 x 114. The "si" files made from PoE1 holdovers have the 76 x 96 pixel count, though. I actually went through the portraits folder and made all those legacy files a higher resolution by simply cropping the convo files down to 90 x 114, since the "si" interface apparently allows for a higher resolution... ...yea, I'm that analy retentive.
  9. Two words: Wyrmfire cannons... go to range ~100 and just circle them. You even sink galleons easily this way, especially with how nimble the starter sloop is.
  10. There you go... the hair kinda makes it look messy, though. ...and in order to safe space, again, here is a nother little something. ...man, I think I reached the end of pinterst now. :D EDIT: Opt, hand was off... fixed.
  11. Hm, that's odd, since I let Eder dive for it, and he did it no problem... and he had his base stats +1 Con or something like that.
  12. Was already done in another thread, but since I don't wanna look through 30 pages times 2, there you go... Pity the cool glowing hands stuff is so far down. To not waste space, I'll add some new stuff too... Enjoy!
  13. I was gonna say no way - but I searched and I really nearly found next to nothing on dwarves anywhere..so sorry. There are some in the last thread... in the meantime, have more elf! :D ...and another warrior gal. Enjoy!
  14. ugly or pretty or fascinating..it's still art though Yes you're quite right, but still absolutely YUCK! If there was a jungle version of the film "The Thing" - That would be it! Oh alright fair enough. Would probably have to be a solo wizard run because I could not even fathom any of the companions wanting to tag along with that thing! That thing is so ugly, why on earth would you want a portrait of that Wow, that's a challenge... I'll try that! Thank you War baby, It is indeed! Any attempt I make would be hopeless i'm afraid. Let me know how y
  15. That thing is so ugly, why on earth would you want a portrait of that Wow, that's a challenge... I'll try that!
  16. ...and two more pieces. Aedyran wood elf noble wizard or priestess. Human female fighter or paladin. Have fun!
  17. Tha probably only works if you already are in the positive with the Principi. If not, you can only [Attack] or [Leave] when they spot you on the left side (elevator) of the pier, and both options lead to fighting... when you are spotted on the right side (path to the Old City), they attack you outright, which is fine I guess.
  18. True, but you still have to fight the guard and his group on the other side of the wharf, which gives you the same -3 on Principi reputation, even when you choose the [Leave] dialogue option, since you are past the safe zone when you hit the pier from the right. I tried it multiple times... besides, you still only have the option to use the Delver's Row elevator out of there, which automatically sets off the thugs on top to attack you, since you are - once again - past the zone where they just talk to you. I even got the leader of the thugs to talk to me by initiating dialogue manually fast en
  19. Hey. I don't really know if it's a bug, an oversight or working as intended, but right now you are practically locked into a 3 point reputation loss with the Principi and Delvers Row when you enter the Old City through the Gullet, and are not back at the elevator in half a day (do not rest, basically). The only way out of the ruins after is through the Undercroft > Delvers Row, where you are attacked by pirates and thugs (at least when you are neutral to those factions) without an option to "get kicked out" for trespassing, as you have in most other locations where your group doesn't belong
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