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  1. These are so good I think my eyes fell out from envy...I wish I had the talent to creat this kinda stuff. :'( Love all the stuff esp. the one with Mira and the Exile. *beep* Ect.
  2. Umm isn't he called No-Face (I belive he's called Kaonashi in the Japanese version, whatever that means I don't know) because he doesn't have a face (duh) ...so there's nothing for the Noh mask to actually conceal...unlike our friendly neighbourhood sith lord who's "just a man" underneath. Also I think what was meant by the secret identity was that they hide them selves. Plus No-face doesn't really "speak" by himself, he just goes "ah ah". Nihilus does speak, it's just in a language we can understand. Interesting point all the same. *Pointless trivia* Jason Marsdn was the voice of Haku in the Amercian dub of Spirited Away, he also did some voice work for the orginal KOTOR (Dustil Onasi, Igear and Brejek I think) but not the sequel....so there is a connection, albeit an extremely geeky one "
  3. I think it was "Eat Schutta"....maybe that would explain something.
  4. tiny spoilers I guess Doesn't Queen Talia use it to describe that general dude (who's name I have forgotten) and since he's a dude I guess it applies to both genders? Beyind that have no clue.
  5. Hk-47: Exterminate! I will exterminate the Doctor! Disiciple: AiiiE!! Protect me! *leaps into Mandalore's arms* Mandalore: Armour...pillock...too...heavy. *collapses* *Mira walks in and raise and eyebrow* Mira (to Exile): I think Mandalore and Disicple hooked up a power conduit again. HK-47: *walks into wall*
  6. You ever notice the significance of ponytails and the dark side.... In KOTOR 1 Bastila had pigtails and she went DS. And Kreia well.... Coincidence....I think not.
  7. I actually rather like Kreia's voice (that doesn't mean I'm a fan of her's though). There's something about her pronunciation that gets to me. Sara Kestleman is a rather accompliced actress (not just a VA) though. HK-47's got to be the funniest voice ever. The rest I don't mind except for Disiciple, who's voice just irritates me.
  8. HK-47: I think I need a hug. T3: Beep-beep. DWEE! HK-47: *Cries* Kreia: Why do you keep listening to me? don't you know I'm just talking *bleep*. Go talk to Atton, I like him, he's smart. Mandalore: What are you *DOING*?! Disciple: Uh....worshiping my love from afar. Mandalore: Ahh my *bleeping* eyes!!
  9. Spoilers....but that kinda goes withoug saying. I was thinking about the Atton death stuff (after finally getting round to listenging to the audio clips) and while I am annoyed that it was cut...I also think that if there was any attempt to restore this bit there should be the option of saving Atton. I dunno scripting but I guess some sort of skill roll against Heal Injury and some kind of FP penalty would be in order (cos it would require a sacrifice to restore some one that far drained). (Oh and those people who keep saying this mutilation stuff was "too dark" or not "Star Wars"...I remind them of good old Jedi Acadamy (which IIRC was developed by LucasArts themselves, maybe I'm wrong) and poor old Rosh Penin who either had his hand sliced of by a dark jedi (LS path) or was brutally murdered by the player-character (DS Path). If this can be part of Star Wars why not Atton's death?) (Woah far too many brackets.)
  10. Atton: Say um Exile....do you still have that dancing outfit? Could I er...."borrow" it for a while? Mandalore: Canderous....who's Canderous? Kreia: I'm actually going to answer your question instead of giving you cryptic psuedo-philosophical mumbo-jumbo. Hanharr: Growl growll (I think Mira's actually kind sweet). GOTO: Does my bum look big in this?
  11. Mmmnn hell yes. He's such an interesting character, slightly tormented by his mysterious past and let's not forget the very sexy voice acting. (Oh yeah vague spoilers). I think it's interesting that no one's voted for the Disiciple, probably because he's the most squeaky clean of the NPCs (oh and also doesn't seem to have a name), whearas Atton's real easy to corrupt (well corrupt further ).
  12. *wonders how Visas put on her lip gloss without eyes* I mean her rather shiny lip gloss was the first thing I noticed about her (other than ther whole trying to kill you thing ) Whenever I was looking at her I kept wanting to change the colour of her lippy....must have been playing Sims 2 too much.
  13. Um... Disciple and Hanharr *are* party members. Though you have to be DS and female respectively to get them... (How can you be considering working on an ending-resotoration mod, and not know this? ) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I guess they were playing a LS male...the replay value of KOTOR 2, once you have realised the extend of the content that is stolen from you, is sadly limiting, I'm not surprised if Trom didn't bother replaying to find out.
  14. I just wanna say that I'd really like this idea to work, if a developer can't be bothered to finish the bleeping game (and right now I don't care who's fault it is, be it LucasArts or Obsidian or Santa Claus....someone screwed up (!) ) then the modders should take it in to their own hands. So yeah if anyone needs some proofreading or testing or maybe a little creative input (okay getting a head of myself) please PM me. Aside from the resolition of the confusing non-ending I'd love to see some resolution of the romance paths...I dare to dream than one day Atton will tell the Exile of his undying love. (And yes I have read the transcripts of the unfinished stuff).
  15. "From what i've seen, the only mods that are available for KotOR were something in the vein of save game-editors." This isn't true.... http://www.pcgamemods.com/6/
  16. It might be worth looking at Forgotten Wars http://forums.forgottenwars.net/index.php?showforum=221 Big modding community for the Baldur's gate series, with some stuff for the original KOTOR.
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