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  1. Please add Ydwin as romanceable companion, pretty please. She's the most interesting character with a believable reason to join your party. Bonus points if you can make the weapon keep their modal abilities on instead of switching whole party's weapons and then turn every party members weapon modals abilities on ONE BY ONE.
  2. Casita here, Originally there's only one set of numbers 7/10 representing the amount of workers the enemy ship has. So we didn't knew how many defenders there were in battle. In the beta there's 7/10 + 8, with the "8" being the fixed amount of defenders not killable during ship battle. From my ship battle experience it seems reducing the first set of numbers lowers the amount of enemies during boarding battle. Keep in mind that starting a battle using a grapeshot to reduce the workers 7/10 to 2/10 in order to reduce total defenders is a bad idea. Mainly because in few turns the wo
  3. Definitely an improvement on difficulty by adding mobs and making the pulling of 1 mob at a time almost not possible anymore. With that said...you might want to double the amount of mobs to make the game challenging, I'm soloing quite easily with pld/monk on POTD :/.
  4. Would it be possible to keep toggled weapon modal abilities on after switching weapons? I really see no need to keep turning manually the modal abilities after every weapon switch.
  5. I hope they bring out a fix/change to keep the weapon modals on whenever you switch weapons.
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