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  1. I am sure this has been answered somewhere before but how were these issues not found in the massive beta test? I cant imagine they didnt spring up in the beta. I am not familiar with this type of testing but perhaps something went awry from the beta build to the final release build that was not picked up? Isnt the final release just the beta with fixes applied?
  2. No, though it does hold access to the endless dungeon and is required to advance in the game. There is exp for quests and some special items to be bought at occasions, but not it's nothing really special. thanks for the reply - endless dungeon does sound pretty sweet and xp is always welcomed. Looks like ill be getting a stronghold.
  3. thats right - some traps are worth springing in order to get the loot they are protecting. My question is how do you disarm them? I never see an option when sneaking up to them. Is the option only available when you character has the requisite mechanic skill?
  4. I have yet to get to the point where having a stronghold is even an option - so the question is do I need one? Having read through the thread it seems to be a superfluous feature. Do i gain anything by having it other than tax income and a place to rest safely?
  5. There is no more helpless feeling than when your party gets charmed/dominated without any clear way to supress the effects without having to pre modify character buffs to prevent the issue in the first place. I believe bg2 had dispel magic and remove magic to counter charmed,confused, chaosed and paralysed members. I wish there was something that straight forward in poe. Maybe there is and i am just missing it.
  6. yes it doesnt happen to every item - as when i first noticed it happening, I made a point of checking even the most mundane items to be sure they didnt disappear. My observations were that it was completely random with no noticeable pattern or trigger. Thankfully in my initial 19 hrs of play, nothing major disappeared but will have to wait to continue to play to ensure it doesnt happen to a critical item, later on in the game.
  7. If it makes you feel any better - this happened to me as well. It didnt discriminate, quest items or random junk were all fair game. It happened to me a number of times, in the temple in guilded vale. I most noted it, when picking up things of inherent interest like notes or unique items. As you described i'd right click it, then click it...nowhere to be found, not in stash not in player inventories....poof, vanished into thin air. I am surprised no one else replied to this or maybe its so glaring that it already has its own dedicated thread. Hope it gets resolved.
  8. I realize there are bugs in the game and have put it on hold till a patch is released but an issue i had in my first playthrough is the following: In Guilded Vale - in regards to the buried secrets quest. I met Wirtan at the start of the ruined temple and agreed to get the bones, as per the dialogue. When i get down to the room with the spirit, the conversation says, the man is already dead and the option to get the bones never appears no matter which dialog i choose. I assume this is referencing Wirtan but i have no idea why he is dead or if his death was triggered by something i did in the temple. I go back up to the start of the temple and he is nowhere to be found? Any play through i have seen or read always has you collect the bones and confront wirtan. I did a little back tracking in my saves and the quest is active, at the start of the temple ,when my party is talking to Wirtan and can easily be seen in the quest journal. If i go one save ahead, literally 6 minutes ahead on the starting level, the quest is not in my quest journal. Completely disappeared with no way of triggering it again or completing it. Has anyone experienced this?
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