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  1. As far as I can remember you had to join Bastila and kill Juhani and Jolee on the roof of the Rakatan temple to get the DS ending....
  2. Since you're suppose to be a void in the force (or whatever) I didnt use forcepowers against the baddies... I just took them apart like pieces of cheese... slice by slice. And used life support packs when needed.
  3. After talking to the Mandalorians in the little camp near the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine, Kreia was suddenly at the top of the edge. Soon my entire party was up there... the view is ok, but there seems to be a lack of quests. Only a reload can get you down. Savio... I had the same glitch you had. And at the same time the military fellow responsible for your detention was caught in the room.
  4. It seemed to me that the influence system was there for jedi grinding only. Turn NPC into jedi... next!
  5. I think Nihilus is a sad figure... Guess he cruises around the Galaxy because he was laughed out of the sith academy when he showed the other sith his handpainted Phantom of the Opera mask:-)
  6. Must have had a bug... turned all except mira into LS jedi... She said she was ready to let me show her the force... and the screen went onto I have other questions/that will be all... grrr. but the rest followed my alignment nicely.
  7. You can also check the credits: same voice actor
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