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  1. Being a fire godlike...It almost makes sense that I can't put on a helmet...Might just melt it off!
  2. 1. The Godlike. Yes, I know they are there to be the tiefling/daeva analog in this game, but to me they just feel so unique. If the last race was just half-orc or something standard I wouldn't be having nearly as much fun. Running around literally on fire and punching things is awesome. Can't wait to see what kind of story impact playing the oddballs will have in the final product. 2. Class diversity. PoE's class design might be one of a kind in the CRPG genre. I've only spent time with Baldur's Gate and Planescape, so i'm not sure if any other class-based CRPG had each class have such unique mechanics. In some ways, the classes feel very MMO-inspired, which is not a bad thing. Having each class play differently will add a lot to the replay value. 3. I've seen some people take shots at the art design, but that seems crazy. This game looks real purty. There's some issues with how characters blend in with the background, but those are just bugs that will be fixed. Those are all the things i'm really digging so far.
  3. Ooooooh. So that's why my wizard can't cast spells. I feel that your criticism is fair, and as every single game worth caring about seems to be pushing their dates out of 2014, I don't see why Obsidian won't take the time they need to react to the feedback they've received. I still believe that bugs aside, I am getting exactly what I expected to get when Project Eternity was first pitched. While my time with the beta was a little jarring due to all the bugs and the fact you're kind of thrown into a random area with little context, I believe the final product still has the potential to be a big hit. Given Obsidian track record in the past, I expect to find interesting, well written characters and a quality main plot. Without any of that in the beta, it's hard to judge it. Hopefully by the time the game comes out they can work out the problems people are having with the combat.
  4. Darn, posted a little feedback on the monk of my own in a seperate thread before noticing this one. I'm brand new to the forum so it'll be some time before my posts show up. I hope we can consolidate feedback to one thread, but it may be tricky without sticky'd threads!
  5. Hey folks, As Obsidian has requested class feedback, I thought I'd start up a discussion on my class of choice: The Monk. Please note that I have only put a few hours into the beta and I am very open to the fact I may not be dealing in accurate information, I only wish to jot down my first impressions of the class. To start, any RPG that has monks as a playable class is instantly better. This is clearly a fact. There's nothing more satisfying than going up to a knight in full plate mail and somehow punching him to death. That being said, the idea of an unarmed fighter is often executed poorly in RPGs. They either have way too little options available to them compared to their counterparts who actually pick up a weapon and swing it, or they function too similar to a regular warrior. That being said, I believe the monk in PoE succeeds in carving out a unique spot with its wound mechanic. Through pain and suffering, the monk becomes stronger and dishes out huge amounts of punishment The only problem is that in the limited time I played, the monk had difficulty utilizing it. With no real threat generating abilities, my stalwart friend BB warrior was doing most of the pain-absorbing. That left me with a backup fighter that could use literally none of the abilities on his toolbar. Positioning is key to get anything done with the monk right now. If the fight begins with most of the enemies focusing on someone else, the monk is already at a disadvantage. In that split second opening round of combat, where everyone needs to execute something to tip the scales of the battle in their favor, the monk is sitting there, thinking to him/herself, "well I guess i'll just go punch something". In all the fights I did manage to get the enemies slashing at my monk, it was both entertaining and very difficult. Since my monk is wearing, well, rags, he's taking immense amount of damage, which is of course going straight into wounds. This is where the monk gets really exciting, as you don't know exactly how in trouble you are. I get the feeling when fighting that if I am not managing my wounds correctly, using them in the right way while also not allowing too many of them to build up, I am going to die. It adds a level of strategy that really makes me feel like my choice to play a monk rewarded me with a unique game play experience. I have never seen this before in any RPG with monks in it, and I just hope that as I get more time with the game I get more options to get the monk going. Has anyone else tried the monk? If so, I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts on the class. I only used a boiler-plate Str-based build so I'd like to see if anyone has gone into more exotic builds. This rumor that Chanters are awesome appears to be a fabrication, because I don't see any of them punching people to death!
  6. Just fired up the beta for about an hour, and the feel of the game is spot on. I have to say, our boys at Obsidian are mighty brave letting out a chunk of the game this early. I'll avoid any criticism that is blatantly a result of a bug/need of polish, but some things I feel I need to point out. Overall the game is enjoyable. I started up a monk. Because I love monks. Every RPG that has a monk gets bonus points. I also got to make him literally ON FIRE on character creation (Godlike is a pretty awesome race). Since class feedback is what the devs have requested the most, i'll write that up in a separate thread. Overall punching the crap out of things is very satisfying. As for some general things I noticed, here is a small list: 1. The art style is splendid. It very much feels like the old-school painted backgrounds, but with modern day bells and whistles. You can see heat waves off of the fire in the inn, the water ripples and you can see the grass blow. In alot of ways it feels familiar but also a step up from the graphics of the previous CRPG titles. Compared to how other recent CRPG releases have handled their art, I prefer Pillars over everything else I've seen. 2. Music and audio is a little lacking at the moment, but what's there is in the right direction. It's pretty typical high-fantasy, but it hits all the right notes. 3. Combat can be a little cluttered at times when everyone's in close. certain elements of the HUD kind of overlap the action and enemies and party members tend to stack very close to each other. I am hoping in the final product that the UI and player models are more separated from each other, as I fear it can be difficult to tell what is going on currently. 4. It was difficult to barter due to an issue where items "stick" onto your cursor. I can't really comment on the barter system as a result. I did notice that shops seem to have limited amounts of gold to buy/sell with. I am a huge fan of that. What if, by some miracle, PoE is the first CRPG to *not* have your player swimming in gold late in the game? I am still waiting for a game to handle economy in a way so that I'm forced to make choices on what to buy/sell. 5. The layout of the UI is pretty nice. There's quite a bit of it to manage, but with the current design it doesn't take up too much of the space but also is centered in a way that I could see all my options in front of me at all times. The only thing it is missing is tooltips. I really hope in the final product that if I hover over something, it gives me a brief reminder of what it does. That's all I got right now. The game is looking real good guys. This is the first kickstarter I've backed that has made it this far into development, and it's just really exciting to be able to play it. Keep up the great work!
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