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  1. One last question for @Boeroer to avoid another topic, but i'm having a hard time figuring out what I want from Ydwin. My all sidekick team is looking like Me (Barb/Paladin), Konstanten (Skald), Xoti -> Vatnir (Priests seem really good for late game), Aloth -> Fassina (Probably pure wizard but we'll see). I'm having a hard time deciding if I need the rogue's damage or can just go pure cipher. Her stat spread doesn't seem that good for pure rogue, but maybe i'm wrong.
  2. Konstanten seems like a fun guy to have around, I just decided to go for the main companions for my first playthrough. Also, thank you for such quick responses! I wasn't sure with a game like this if anyone would still be around on the forums. I'm looking into Barbarian now, Barbarian Paladin seems like a fun combo to role play around. Since Fassina has some options which you've very clearly laid out, i'll dump the wizard idea and try and work on a paladin tank! Explosives and Poisons especially seem like they're in a weird spot, considering they share recovery time with everything
  3. Hello everyone, First of all I had no idea how much more I'd enjoy Deadfire over the first game. I finally got around to playing it, after it had sat in my backlog since it launched. I'm dismayed to hear it didn't sell well for various reasons, because at it's core I'm enjoying it far more than the first game. I'm almost finished my 80 hour completionist playthrough on Veteran, and sometime later in the year i'd like to try PotD. However, my first foray into this difficulty met a quick and violent end in the Engwithan Digsite on Maje Island. (I don't use hirelings, so I was using th
  4. Being a fire godlike...It almost makes sense that I can't put on a helmet...Might just melt it off!
  5. 1. The Godlike. Yes, I know they are there to be the tiefling/daeva analog in this game, but to me they just feel so unique. If the last race was just half-orc or something standard I wouldn't be having nearly as much fun. Running around literally on fire and punching things is awesome. Can't wait to see what kind of story impact playing the oddballs will have in the final product. 2. Class diversity. PoE's class design might be one of a kind in the CRPG genre. I've only spent time with Baldur's Gate and Planescape, so i'm not sure if any other class-based CRPG had each class have such uni
  6. Ooooooh. So that's why my wizard can't cast spells. I feel that your criticism is fair, and as every single game worth caring about seems to be pushing their dates out of 2014, I don't see why Obsidian won't take the time they need to react to the feedback they've received. I still believe that bugs aside, I am getting exactly what I expected to get when Project Eternity was first pitched. While my time with the beta was a little jarring due to all the bugs and the fact you're kind of thrown into a random area with little context, I believe the final product still has the potentia
  7. Darn, posted a little feedback on the monk of my own in a seperate thread before noticing this one. I'm brand new to the forum so it'll be some time before my posts show up. I hope we can consolidate feedback to one thread, but it may be tricky without sticky'd threads!
  8. Hey folks, As Obsidian has requested class feedback, I thought I'd start up a discussion on my class of choice: The Monk. Please note that I have only put a few hours into the beta and I am very open to the fact I may not be dealing in accurate information, I only wish to jot down my first impressions of the class. To start, any RPG that has monks as a playable class is instantly better. This is clearly a fact. There's nothing more satisfying than going up to a knight in full plate mail and somehow punching him to death. That being said, the idea of an unarmed fighter is often execute
  9. Just fired up the beta for about an hour, and the feel of the game is spot on. I have to say, our boys at Obsidian are mighty brave letting out a chunk of the game this early. I'll avoid any criticism that is blatantly a result of a bug/need of polish, but some things I feel I need to point out. Overall the game is enjoyable. I started up a monk. Because I love monks. Every RPG that has a monk gets bonus points. I also got to make him literally ON FIRE on character creation (Godlike is a pretty awesome race). Since class feedback is what the devs have requested the most, i'll write that up
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