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  1. This is a man who was absolutely under no circumstances using the internet in the 90s
  2. What they should really do is divide the forums down into conversations about a specific topic and then put the name of the topic in a searchable title index. Then if its still difficult to find information on a subject we should be able to start a new topic, initiating a conversation about the specific information we're looking for. That would clear things up tremendously.
  3. The Cipher charm/dominate mind control effects are pretty slow. And I too have noticed they don't seem to last the advertised duration. 2 seconds is too short even for a graze.
  4. I did eliminate all the Skaenites from Dyrford, that might be the difference.
  5. Skaen comes to you at the very end of the game before you turn on the machine? I definitely did not get that interaction.
  6. I'm not going to bother with spoilers tags since this is a spoiler forum so just assume I wreck every single detail of every possible ending. In the last few scenes of the main story arc I found myself agreeing with Thaos' motivations, albeit not necessarily his methods. I convinced Aloth to take up the mantle of the leaden key after Thaos' death and I agreed with him in his conversation options during the final face off. I was really disappointed that there didn't seem to be any opportunity to be convinced that freeing Woedica is the right idea. I might have been able to be persuaded. Instead he kind of ignores my agreement with continuing to spread religion and just attacks me. I guess because I got too close to him and didn't really agree with his slaughter of countless innocents. I had high scores in benevolent, honest, diplomatic and rational, so its possible I just didn't play enough of a psychopath to get that option. I guess I still don't really understand Thaos' motivations for siding with Woedica and why the Leaden Key would sacrifice themselves just to provide her with souls. Isn't the huge mob of Leaden Key that sacrificed themselves in the huge chamber at the end in the final vision the Engwithans who invented the gods in the first place? I'm sure I'm missing something about that. I'll probably be able to figure it out on my next play through. Anyway I'm a little disappointed that there didn't seem to be an option to side with Woedica. Maybe they tried to make it so her side was always too horrible to consider. But I did agree that Thaos was doing the right thing by supporting the gods and preserving them.
  7. This spell claims that it "Grants a bonus to resist any attack containing the Dazed or Confused afflictions. If those afflictions are already on the target, their durations are reduced." However when I used it in a fight against the Vithracki bounty, it did not target my confused party members because they were not considered allies due to being confused.
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