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  1. This is a man who was absolutely under no circumstances using the internet in the 90s
  2. What they should really do is divide the forums down into conversations about a specific topic and then put the name of the topic in a searchable title index. Then if its still difficult to find information on a subject we should be able to start a new topic, initiating a conversation about the specific information we're looking for. That would clear things up tremendously.
  3. The Cipher charm/dominate mind control effects are pretty slow. And I too have noticed they don't seem to last the advertised duration. 2 seconds is too short even for a graze.
  4. I did eliminate all the Skaenites from Dyrford, that might be the difference.
  5. Skaen comes to you at the very end of the game before you turn on the machine? I definitely did not get that interaction.
  6. I'm not going to bother with spoilers tags since this is a spoiler forum so just assume I wreck every single detail of every possible ending. In the last few scenes of the main story arc I found myself agreeing with Thaos' motivations, albeit not necessarily his methods. I convinced Aloth to take up the mantle of the leaden key after Thaos' death and I agreed with him in his conversation options during the final face off. I was really disappointed that there didn't seem to be any opportunity to be convinced that freeing Woedica is the right idea. I might have been able to be persua
  7. This spell claims that it "Grants a bonus to resist any attack containing the Dazed or Confused afflictions. If those afflictions are already on the target, their durations are reduced." However when I used it in a fight against the Vithracki bounty, it did not target my confused party members because they were not considered allies due to being confused.
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