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  1. Get a 20GB ipod , got mine recently and its fantastic. The new ipods are just an update of the current range, going to be a while before the 5th generation versions come out. If you think an Ipod is overpriced then you have never used one, they are by far the best designed gadget around today. Its just so easy to cycle through thousands of tracks with the touch wheel. And how is it possible to fit 2000 tracks on 5gb? I have about 2000 tracks and that takes up 15gb, accounting for sets, thats possibly 11+GB of normal tracks. Are some peopel's collections entirely consisting of 1 min tu
  2. Just fought master Vrook as a lvl 17 sentinal with no force speed or master flurry, was verry tough! Was boring as hell though because all i could do was sit back and watch the fight without any input. For KOTOR3 I hope they do a proper fight simulator for the graphics, ie. it actualy shows whats going on rather than some random animations, would make Lightsaber fights much more dramatic. If theres one thing Jedi Knight 2 did right it was cool lightsaber fights.
  3. Well, we kinda did. Sure, we had settlements even at year 0, but not nearly as many and as large as today, and the people who would rebuild the planet in the SW universe have access to a lot more resources and advanced technology. Didn't mean rebuilding a civilization on a still existing planet, but a planet blasted to a billion other little planets... You don't rebuild those in 2000 years and have them as one whole planet again etc, like in the movies <{POST_SNAPBACK}> At no point in any of the KOTOR games do they even begin to suggest that a planet has been des
  4. Yes and some people vote Republican; some people are idiots who should not be pandered to.
  5. While I dont like druids and pure class bards, these classes all have a massive role to play. Games which use a class system are always far more indepth and interesting, the skill system works for a fps/rpg like Vampire and Deus Ex but its a pretty shallow system for a party based RPG system like BG type games. Morrowinds combat is dull anyway and there are classes whatever you say. Class based system is just more fun because you can have more specialised characters.
  6. Squad based RPGs will only work in 3rd person. Personaly i found BG far more imersive than Vampire anyway. If its a Deus Ex style then first person is by far the best option.
  7. make your time. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> WHAT YOU SAY? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You know what you doing <{POST_SNAPBACK}> For great justice. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You are on the way to destruction
  8. Tom bomb was a bit pointless and so not needed in the film, ent water is in extended DVD edition. Loved the first two films, though some of the stuff they removed and changed in the second one didnt make sense, just seemed to be 'Hollywood' which there was no need to do, the films were goign to be massive whatever. Third LOTOR film sucked in many ways, was ok but not a patch on the book and just fealt rushed and cheesy, the battles wernt even as interesting as the ones in the previous films, certainly not as cool as the Mines of Moria fight in Fellowship.
  9. Dantooine wasnt destoryed, it was attacked. And the Peragus thing is refering to the death of Telos if you dont find a fuel supply, hence 2 planets with one explosion.
  10. By tactics I mean that you actualy have to think and use the force powers and items creatively, for example having to remove bariers from opponents (such as the force immunity that they never seem to use). Also say for example you run into a room., theres 3 guys who run at you with mele weapons and 2 snipers, you have to choke the snipers while another member of your party force pushes or stuns the mele guys for a second to buy you some vital time. That sort of thing. Its quite difficult to explain because when implimented properly there should be no specific one way of winning in a fight
  11. Already discussed much of this in a thread with Stoo but to recap on some stuff not already said... Reduced AC vs more than 2 opponents, ie, so that you can get ganged up on, this will also make the force disable powers more than tools for quickly dispatching enemies. Reduced force power strength, or maybe reduce the number of force points you get , not too sure how to balance this one but it needs some nerfing at least. Perhaps a reduction in strength and a diversification of powers, maybe a little more like the Wizzard spell system works in BG games (in terms of the tactics which you
  12. Wasn't attacking you or anyone really, its just your quote summed up the topic a lot nicer than quoting a few diff people at same time.
  13. The 'point' of playing games on difficult is so that they are FUN. Its just plain retarded and defeats the point to give bonuses when you notch up the difficulty level. Some of us like to use our brains when playing. Its 1.5x damage when on difficult, they also may have a little more hp and higher saves, not sure but the 1.5x damage is definite.
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