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  1. I love the idea of 'Black Shadow Armor'. Especially if it gives a bonus to sneak. Cause I'm really hoping the Devs will develop the stealth gameplay aspects of Grounded some more. So armor like that would be ideal.
  2. After playing Divinity: Original Sin I've come to the sad realization that I really hate turn based combat. I like everything else about the game, I just hate the combat. So I'm incredibly relieved to see that PoE is going to use real time combat. However, I do support the OP's suggestion to have the option of using turn based or real time combat. Options are wonderful! The more the better I say! Unfortunately, as others have said, I think it's a bit late in the game's development to implement it. Still, depending on how mod friendly the game is, somebody might be able to add it with a
  3. I have never bought a game from Steam and I never will! So my vote goes to GOG.
  4. I would kill for an Editor to make my own campaigns! But sadly, I've read that it won't be possible with this version of the game (maybe if the game does well we can get it in PoE2 *pretty please?). Still, not all is lost. I believe some form of limited modding will be possible, just not to the extent needed to create a new campaign
  5. I love the idea of animal companions. As it's going to be possible to solo in PoE, the idea of having animal companions instead of human companions sounds very appealing. Summoner type classes are one of my all time favorites. What about something like a Druid or even a Necromancer?
  6. I'm afraid I have to agree with the overall sentiments here, I'm not a big fan of puzzles either. So I'd really prefer not to have puzzles in my RPG! If I wanted puzzles I'd play an adventure game!
  7. Actually, I hope there's a way to mod health regeneration so that it will automatically regenerate when not in combat. I remember having to rest after every battle in BG and it drove me nuts! So the fact that PoE is going to use the same type of resting system to restore health really worries me. But if it's moddable then all is well .
  8. Oh I really, really hope this is possible! Because I would so much rather control just one character than a whole party (but that's just my personal preference). I'm sure playing solo will make the game much harder, but as the game is going to support mods, surely the difficulty can be tweaked a little bit to make it more solo friendly *fingers crossed*.
  9. I vote for Baldur's Gate type portraits. They are much easier to create and talented people can create their own portraits.
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