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I want quest mode back

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Feel no reason to play after beating storyline plz fix this someho.



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i recently finished the game, i own all versions of the boards game. i have to say the lost of quest mode, recently drop my ranking and enjoyment of the game.  in hindsight it was easily the best and most fun part of the game. they need to bring it back, and also add the rest of the archtypes from the expansion sets.



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I have every character finish the game and I'm 6 scenarios away from finishing the entire story on heroic. There's not much left for me to do afterwards. I mean, I can just farm 6-4 over and over again to get the card rewards from completing each adventure on Heroic, but why would I need them right now? To play the story once again on Heroic? To farm gold over and over to buy more chests? I'm at the point where I'm trying to improvise my own fun to extend this game's life, and that in itself is questionable. 


I'm hoping Rise of the Goblins, or whatever future content they might push out, has some sort of repeatable endgame. Right now, this lack of emergent gameplay is completely contradictory to what card games are all about.

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I agree that I Also miss the quest mode. It did cause havok to the story mode, so Hopefully They release the quest mode as a separate game completely. Then it does not Mess the story mode like it did before. But there Are so Many bugs left in the quest mode that it is very unlikely to happen in any short or meadium range future...
They did say that if pathfinder sell millions They may make more content. Well we just have to hope that it sells millions but not Many card game does sell so much. But we can always hope...

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