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  1. Try posting this in the bug forum, you might get a quicker response from a developer.
  2. There was a bug with gold being displayed as earned for scenarios in the most recent release. Gold was given, but not displayed. Do the math at the end of the scenario and see if you earn what you should.
  3. Respectfully, since this is the exact opposite of what the rune is supposed to do, will anything be done about it for accounts that are affected?
  4. Same exact issue. I used a Rune of Pilfering III right beforehand so this is VERY annoying and I hope players will be given gold to compensate. Platform: Steam PFID: 99F203DDOBCFOE79
  5. I would add that the Scarlet Carabon bug that would allow it to boost damage of the black arrow longbow, is fixed.
  6. Apparently the Black Arrow bow has a melee flag checked. I just used a boon to boost a melee or fortitude attack by 2 or anything else by one....and it got the +2 dice. Another bug found I guess!
  7. Thanks! I did try out the different costumes right before I stopped playing yesterday and I did not realize they had different card options!
  8. Upon further testing, the bug only applies when I have the Black Arrow long bow, which does have a strength modifier...but a combat one.
  9. I assume this is a bug. The Scarlet and Green Cabochon seems to allow my rogue to add 1d10 to ranged attack rolls, all of the time, just by revealing it. I certainly makes the game easier, but it seems like a bug to me.
  10. My card feats changed overnight somehow. I went to log in to make more progress on legendary and the game was like, your decks aren't set yet...and my card feats have been altered. How does that happen? Seelah lost an armor slot and gained an item slot which wasn't even possible before. Ezren lost a weapon and gained an item. Merisiel lost an ally and gained a blessing. Was there a patch or something?
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