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  1. Controlling the clock is not as much of an issue until you're running into scenarios that stop you from taking additional explorations on certain conditions (gain an ally or blessing and stop exploring). Having characters that regen their own blessings (Kyra, Seelah) is a tremendous boon to exploration. The other thing I find useful is keeping an Invoke on any of the divine casters (Harsk, Seelah, Lini, Kyra, Lem) so it's buried instead of banished. That said, I find it useful but not always necessary until 5-n. Through 6-n. The spider mission, and the Wisdom required one from the Wendigo mission have been the most challenging for me. I have to make certain I put Lini or Kyra there.
  2. I really think in a case like this that having "no stash" isn't the right answer, because it is a board game requirement that doesn't translate well into the digital space. That said, I equally agree that the current implementation isn't the best. Better than having none at all though. And I will raise my hand and say "Yes, I have given my spare Shock Great Sword +2 to Amiri, who I find borderline unusable. She really needs a rework (that I don't expect her to get).
  3. My worst party was the left overs; Sajan, Ezren (Scholar), Amiri and Lini. Couldn't get anything going. I had to gear them from the sideboard to be even mildly effective.
  4. I fall squarely into the 'split the party' camp, and the reasoning is this: In most cases, each team member can solo the opening node, or, get blessing support from someone else if they get into trouble. On my current team (my 'B' team, if you will) I have Seoni (FF), Kyra (SW), Selena (Formal) and Merisiel (no kit). Merisiel operates best as a solo scout because of her Evasion skill, so I'll place her in nodes that let her close on a Dex/Stealth check. Seoni I'll start anywhere with 3 or more spells, Kyra and Seelah will both go to zones with Blessing Discard or that have a high number of blessings in the location, since they easily pull them down and then dump them to continue their exploration. If you are looking for a better cooperative group, you want to run Lem, Seelah, Lini, Valeros and Harsk (or any number of that group in any combination) since they all have inherent buffs that make them either direct support (Lem, Harsk, Valeros) or easier to support in that configuration (Seelah, Lini). Additionally, Seoni's blessing buff that converts all Phantasm blessings into d12s is exceptionally powerful and I have her them almost exclusively. So for my A team, I run an alpha strike setup where I put Lini on point to activate Animal Support (reveal an animal companion for 1d4+4 at max), with Valeros in the same zone (Teamwork) with Lem in the same zone (Bard Song) and then Harsk off-site for sniper support. That combo grants around 4d4+16 on a single combat check at max, roughly, before anything else is added in. In the interim, Lini can solo almost any node once her animal friendship power is up and running, Harsk is a straight combatant and take down most threats on his own, Valeros recycles his own weaponry on discard and Lem gains Solo Performance under the virtuoso tree, so that squad does very well either split or cooperative. That's the whole reason I put them together.
  5. Sunwrought Kyra is a Fighter/Cleric dual class; what you get is someone with equivalent melee attack power to any of the other straight fighters, with the ability to use the Cleric Cure on Divine burial. To that end, I leave her with only one heal in her deck, Mass Cure. With her ability to recycle Blessing of Saranrae infinitely, you lose flexibility for the benefits that some blessings provide if you only run them; I like keeping in a couple of Lamashtu for the burial effect on boss fights when I'm out of other options. That said: For her spells I run Improved Aid, Find Traps, Mass Cure, Holy Light and Invoke (regain rounds). The Holy Light slot is fungible based on the scenario. For gear I prefer to give her something like Mokmurian's Club, since she hits hard enough you can use it as a Staff of Healing rather than sacrifice it. I waffled on Healer vs Hunter, and went with Healer because in the team I have her in, the ability to spot heal anyone for 4-7 is more powerful than the extra dice she would get for Undead Hunter. Yes, she gets a larger hand size, but in that hand she's nearly guaranteed to pull 2 blessings and can heal herself before she gets downed. I usually pair her with Seoni first, but she can solo almost any node.
  6. So, simple question. Will there be a bundle option on the release of the first AP for Rise of the Goblins? I'd rather buy the whole thing up front than each one separately. Console habits.
  7. I think for people who aren't accustomed to CCGs/LCGs and board games in general will find the inability to hold on to a sideboard anathema. I think having a hybrid to restrict power leveling and for those people who want a sideboard, have one for each party. I know that would be my thing, but I also concede that it has all of the issues you independently raised.
  8. I think the easiest way to implement that (since it is canon, and therefore should be included) would be to have a 'Pass' option in the drop down, allowing you to roll 'D4-4' or something similar. This is easier to implement mechanically as a die check, since I'm figuring no one wants to see "Pass?" before every roll. The other option would be to add an 'Evade' button below the 'Encounter' button on the right, but that seems just as tedious. 99% of the time, I want to roll on the thing. Particularly on locations that require me to banish a card to close it. I'd rather have a dump/garbage boon instead of being forced to give up something decent.
  9. That explains why I didn't see Quest Mode in my list; I thought it would unlock after I finished Story mode but evidently not. I agree, there is a need for an emergent, ongoing End Game and new content. I do support the game and I have gotten a few other people hooked on it, but there also has to be a decision to push it more actively, I found it on the store by accident.
  10. I read on the last post that there had been demands for an expansion of the Stash. I had a thought and wanted to share it. A limited sideboard is one of the hallmarks of the game, and important for balance purposes. My proposal is: Each party gets its own Sideboard (renamed from 'Stash' to 'Sideboard.' Those sideboards are unique to that party and that campaign. A new tab, "Trove," is created, and at any point between adventures, players may move a card (like the Robe of Runes, or Amulet of Mighty Fists) from their party sideboard to the Trove. Trove becomes the mechanic for trading cards across parties, while the sideboard remains for those situational cards that you may not want in your deck full time. Thoughts on my thoughts?
  11. Afternoon, team; Device: Android Character: Lem Likely Cause: Purchase of Solo Performance Trigger: Another character at another location has a check that can be modified, but Lem has no way to modify the check, but still shows the action icon. Bug: Once I unlocked Solo Performance for Lem, in every scenario where he has no cards to play to assist (blessings, etc.) he still shows an action icon over his head. I have attempted multiple times to figure out what it was, but I'm reasonably convinced it's a bug at this point.
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