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The strange ship pulls alongside your vessel...


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> [continue to twiddle your thumbs]


Surely Aloth must be close to the solution by now, and by the gods, you're going to twiddle your thumbs in his support until they catch fire if you have to. The wizard is currently engaged in what is either a very involved somatic component or a single-player game of Patty Cake. You return to the grave task of ignoring the world around you and hoping it ignores you in turn.


As long minutes wear by, you conclude that you definitely weren't imagining it earlier: There is a sinister chill in the air, and the ship around you rocks and creaks erratically as if shivering. The sounds of thunder rings much clearer, and you realise all the hammocks now swing empty, what crew can be seen on the deck securing loose objects in place with an increased sense of urgency. Suddenly there is a loud crack and the galleon violently lurches back and forth, almost causing you to lose your balance.


Aloth: "My mage's shakers!"


Edér: "Is that what he calls... oh, never mind, it's just more of his weird doohickeys."


Pallegina: "They are raising the anchor, Watcher." The paladin takes you by the shoulder, both to steady herself and to underscore the seriousness of her words. "We need to return to our ship. Immediately."


Edér: "That storm still sounds ways off, though. We have time, don't we?"


Pallegina: "No, we don't. If they're raising the anchor, then they will soon cut our ship loose, as well, if they have not done so already. They can't keep the ships tethered in a storm; the hulls would smash apart against each other. And only a fool would wait until the last minute."


Edér: "The captain knows we're down here, though, doesn't he? He'd send someone to fetch us if it was go time, right?"


Pallegina: "I would not count on it. Despite what Ellie said, we don't know if he has any intention of letting us go freely. On the contrary, this might be our only chance to slip away without a fight, while the crew is occupied with the preparations."


> Alright, let's make for the sloop.

> Let's go up to the main deck and see what the situation is first.

> I trust the captain. He wouldn't just leave us stranded.

> We go when I say we go, and I don't want to hear another word of it.

> [ignore them] Aloth, get back to work.


((Won't probably be any posts for the next few days, since I'll be out of town.))

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