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Beastiary bug?



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Based on my PoE experience and Deadfire Pre-release videos I believe, we shouldn't be able to know monster stats up front - before attacking them the first time.


Still, I realised that I had info on their defenses and armor classes displayed from the start. I started a game on Relaxed and switched to Classic, but I am still able to see them even for unique monsters.

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Guest Jamila

I have a hunch in PoE 1, stats were not shown right away even with expert mode off, therefore that expert mode is not working should not matter, assuming PoE 2 is intended to bhave the same. More likely it is an issue with show relative defenses option showing a bit too much.

Also, when killing hitherto unknown monster, party gains experience towards bestiary. As though stats discovery was in fact working, but overriden by aforementioned option.

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