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I lost all characters i bought long time ago



Hi, i played Pathfinder app with IOS system 1 or 2 years ago,

i deleted it and now i redownload it, but i lost all the characters i bought. 
Now i can only play with Rogue and Cleric which are basic characters.

I'm pretty sure i bought them , so please help here.

(English isnt my main language sory about that but i really need help , thx)

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Double-check that you are logged into iOS Game Center.


Settings App --> Game Center


You need to use the same account that you used previously, because all your purchases are tied to that ID.  Occasionally iOS logs you out of Game Center during upgrades or if you get a new device.  Once you're set up again, restart pathfinder, and it should reconnect.


If that still does not work, send an email to support@obsidian.net, with:

  • Your Pathfinder Username (top left of the main menu "Name #1234")
  • Your PFID (Pathfinder Options --> Settings, at the bottom of the screen "PFID-1234567890ABCDEF")
  • And a description of the issue

And the support team should be able to start sorting things out.

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