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Once you get correct ship upgrades, journal updates saying that you can pass through Ondras mortar.


You have to ally with RDC in order to get access to submarine.


You can get ghost ship without siding with pirates (simply don’t return the quest, after getting the ship).

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Blackwood and dragonskin will do the job.

I get ghost ship, but then feel it was slow, so i went back to my dhow.

I realised the Dragon, so Odra Mortal was just "let them fight", dragon help, and some dmg to hull/sails/crew.

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All special boats are meh. Err 2 of them right?


Submarine somehow is still getting noticed by overworld enemies and submerge is basically run away option. It only has 4 cannons which are weaker than 800 gp shotguns.


Ghost shep I remember better but not much.


Either way galleon+ with all shotguns (double barrels) is superior to any special ship.


So once you get those you'll get bored after 2 minutes of swimming on them since they're basically weakest version of ships for people who can't get enough gold to buy sails & hull I guess. Although ghost ship is at least fast. Submarine speed is a crawl compared to even cheapest ship with bardatto whatever upgrades. What a shame.

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You can get ghost ship on any route because pirate questline doesn't involve attacking any factions, so you just can not bring ghost ship to dunnage after you get it. That said, you can't really customize it for most part so uh not really worth it to replace junk class ship.

is that true ? after I got the ghost ship...I got the Principal saying they will take the 'Spoiler Island' and without them , a normal ship (the Junk) kept sinking . So had to use the ghost ship and they helped in the end . And the slider counted them as me siding with them . and no , I didn't have a chance to say NO .


I got there with the junk upgraded with dragonwing sails and blackwood hull. We had one or two skill checks along the way, also- so you need an experienced crew.

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I am upset at the prejudice displayed towards the Red Dream. If it can keep out 266% the amount of cannon fire as Blackwood, it ought to be able to handle some adra. 


Instead they gotta go all auto insurance, and assume you'll drive your red junk recklessly. 

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Magran's fire casts light in Dark Places...

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