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I have created a DPS calculator for Deadfire. I used a custom function (Makro) to calculate how the game handles stacking of multipliers (it is neither simply multiplicative nor additive). The row above the main table is to enter your character values (your accuracy, damage multipliers from talents, equipment bonuses,...), but the bonuses from your weapons are listed separately in the table. To calculate the total multiplier for one of your stats, you have to use my custom function WMULT (). Let's say you have a damage bonus of +15% from might, +20% from soul whip and -30% from another talent, then you have to enter "=WMULT(1.15;1.2;0.7)" into the "dmg mult" field above the table. If you have another +10% damage bonus on your weapon, you enter that into the table. I am not very far into the game, so i have only added the base weapons, but you should be able to add any other weapon to the table to calculate DPS.


Edit: Added dual-wield bonus, added modal abilities, added spell dps


Excel Spreadsheet

Google Speadsheet

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Your pistol two weapon is wrong. You give it the same reload modifier as one hand, but it's not. Just putting a second weapon on gives a -30% recovery modifier. The skill Two Weapon gives another 15% if you're comparing as far as the passive skills.


You also didn't do a two weapon for Blunderbuss/Wand/Scepter.


Just some constructive criticism.


Weapon bonuses without the Styles:

1-hand: +12 Accuracy

Dual Wield: -30% Recovery speed


Shield just gives the shield bonuses, and I don't think 2-hand gets anything without the style either.

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Thanks, i appreciate constructive criticism. As I explained above, i am still near the beginning of the game, so i expected that i might miss some details like that.


I will update the table as soon as i have time.


I knew about the +12 accuracy for one handed, but i hat no clue about the -30% Recovery speed for dual wield. Does the dual wield bonus only apply for melee weapons? Because ranged weapons use technically reload speed and i didn't notice a speed bonus during my test with ranged weapons.


I would also like to know if there are any penetration multipliers (except crits) in the game, because i would have to add a penetration mult coulmn for them. I have only seen additive penetration bonuses so far.

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Dual Wield is the passive, Two Weapon is the passive you have to buy with a point.


The way Ranged seems to work is that it just replaces all "Recovery speed" things with "Reload Speed". So it just changes the name, but they all still apply.

Edit for Penetration comment: I've not seen anything but additive bonuses for Penetration either. Some weapons have penetration bonus on crit, some foods give penetration, stuff like that; but i've only seen additive that I can recall.

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The skill Two Weapon gives another 15% if you're comparing as far as the passive skills.


The problem is, there are a lot more abilities that give bonuses like that. If i would add a toggle for each of these abilities it would get very ugly, because some of them only apply for specific weapon types. That means i would have a lot of different formula in the table and you couldn't anymore drag the formulas down. If you want to know your DPS with this skill, there are currently two solutions:

1. You just add that modifier to your character modifiers above the table, so that every weapon is affected and not only dual-wielded weapons. You can than just ignore the wrong DPS numbers and only compare dual-wielding weapons. If you have that skill, you propably want only dual-wielding weapons anyways.

2. You copy the data of the weapon(s) you are interested in and make a new row for them, where you add the speed multiplier to the weapon's "Recovery mult" column (use WMULT()!)


You can do that for every skill your character possibly has, so i think this is still the easiest solution.


It works on all forms of dual wield according to in-game pop-ups. Dual Ranged, Dual melee, Ranged/Melee split. Here's Dual Ranged screenshot:


Thanks, i fixed that. ;)


Anyone using this should be aware this is for base weapons only. Uniques have much much higher DPS than what this chart says. Especially ones that have have been improved through enchanting. 


Thats true, but since you can customize weapons via enchantments etc., its pretty much impossible to include every existing weapon in a chart. Also, the DPS depends on the Defense and Armor values that you enter into the calculator. Some weapons might be better against heavily armored enemies, but other weapons might be better against weakly armored enemies. So, this spreadsheet can't tell you the single best weapon.


But its very easy to add another new weapon to this spreadsheet: You can enter the base values of your weapon in a new row and then you just have to drag down the DPS column and everything right of it. It should be able to calculate most weapons that are in the game.


If you have for example to decide between two very good weapons, you can enter their values here and then play around with the target defenses and you might find out than weapon A is always better than B, or that weapon A is only better against heavily armored enemies, or something else... So basically, it can help you to compare weapons against each other. It can also tell you if your modal ability is worth it.


I don't have any data for weapons other than the base weapons, but if you know some important or interesting unique weapons i should add to the table, you could post the stats here.



I have uploaded a new version with dual-wield bonus, added modal abilities and a new sheet for spells.

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