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PS. : How do you pronounce Fampyr? :o





xauvrip is pronounced 'kobold'

laugufether:  'sahuagin'


Don't try to tell me your knock off of a knock off is something special and unique.



I expect that they can't use those names because they were created by D&D.  I'm not really sure why they couldn't use the word "vampire", since it's hardly a D&D name.  And possibly some of the undead and spirit names as well.  But some of them may have been created by D&D.  And perhaps the devs just wanted to avoid the entire name issue entirely and just came up with new names.


I think that you're wrong to give them a hard time on this.  It's not their fault that they have to worry about little things like copyrights, etc., unless you want to blame them for not licensing D&D in the first place to make PoE.



A kobold is a creature from German folklore; I don't think WOTC can trademark that. Hell, most D&D creatures are ripped from myths and folklore. I think they just wanted to separate themselves and their world from D&D as much as possible, but you can only do so much - especially if you're keen on using iconic monsters.


Anyway, on-topic, I burned them all in righteous fire. Except Copperhead.

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I tried this area last night and only made it to the 2nd to last area before my party got wiped.  My problem was that the damned Famp's kept charming Eder (mostly), and he was peppering the rest of my party with arrows.  Now, it might also be that part of my problem is that my party does tend to be very physical combat heavy, with Xoti being my only spellcaster.  No Aloth, Tekehu, or one of the ciphers.  My party was level 16 (with Pallegina "only" level 15).  I may need to consider adding another spellcaster to get some more arcane firepower.


But for now, I'm going to avoid that place for a little while until I can gain another level or 2.

you need to keep pallegina stealthed until your main damage dealer gets charmed.  then use liberation on them  and continue the fight as normal.  the problem comes from when you try to attack with your whole crew at once, and half or more of them get charmed... including the character than can stop the charm.  attack with one character only to start, the enmies will all focus on that character, and when they get charmed, then cast liberation on them.  then you should be able to attack with Pallegina and your other characters... hopefully you have some aoe long range magic users, as they are less likely to draw gaze attacks.   petrification aoe is really handy here.


not sure if spell reflect potions will work on gaze attacks, but you might try those too.  I just used the above strategy and all the battles were ezpz on PotD.






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Blind your team and use the small shield you get in Cave on one of the first islands.


I had a ton of trouble too and I suspect it was bugs initially because not even drugs made me immune. Haven't tried since 1.1. It was the only area in the entire game to give me trouble at the time.

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I had Tekehu as Chanter/Druid so his anti-charm chant/spell helped, my Watcher with Mordwyn that provides resistance against charm, and Pallegina, who can hit Eder on the head and remove it.

Emissary Tar: At last, someone who looks like they could be of some assistance! The assorted boobs and dimwits around here have been of very little help.
Charname: I’m afraid you have mistaken us for someone else. I’m Dimwit, this is my good friend Boob, and behind me you’ll find Brainless and Moron. How do you do? 


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