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Permanent/bugged buffs


Zealous Focus aura is stuck permanently on my main character and on Edér, I think it happened when i respeced Pallegina but I'm not entirely sure as I didn't notice it at once.


Also the buffs from weapon Rännig's Wrath is stuck on my main character even if it's equipped on Pallegina. If I reequip the weapon on my main he loses the buffs but noone can ever get the buffs again. I think it happened when I enchanted "Insistence" onto Rännigs Wrath, but again I'm not sure as I didn't notice it until later.


This savegame also has a main character that lost all watcher skills, but I see that it has been posted before so that might not be relevant.



Included in zip-file linked from dropbox:


Screenshots where you can see the buffs on the character portraits and weapon equipped on Pallegina.

Savegame where buffs are stuck on Edér and main character.

Output log after I cleared Rännigs Wrath buff from  main character by reequipping it, but it seems to be mostly filled with NullReferenceException's



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Hi bagge6,


We have these issues with buffs logged and should be resolved with patch 1.1.





I like big bugs and I cannot lie...

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