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AI "Aggressive" setting bugged for melee companions.




This was driving me nuts all last night, but I think I tracked it down.

1. I multi-classed both Eder and Xoti.

2. I set up their AI behaviors.

3. I turned general AI to "Aggressive" and hit Save.

4. The AI hangs with the gears icon over both of them in every single fight.

5.  Once ordered to attack their behavior AI then functions correctly, and they will engage the rest of the enemies as normal.

6.  Changing behaviors/conditionals does nothing to fix this.

7.  Changing their general AI to Defensive does; they aggro enemies and initiate their behavior AI.  No gears icon.


So!  I'm almost certain this is due to them not being able to detect or path when set to "Aggressive".


Attached Output log.  This has been reproducible in every new game I tried.


Thanks for the help!


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Hello SableShrike!


Thanks for this post! And I appreciate the very detailed steps to reproduce. Ill get this issue bugged in our system for the devs to investigate.





I like big bugs and I cannot lie...

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Salutations Sableshirke, 


I am currently investigating this issue, however am not able to get it to reproduce with the gears staying, the companions after a few seconds go into auto-attacking. It would be awesome if I could get a save file from you, and you can send it to bugs@obsidian.net 


Hope you are enjoying PoE Deadfire


- Chelsea

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