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Ship Crew Injured, Not Healing

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Hi guys, I have fought 2 sea battles with Neutral Merchants and won, 1 with cannons the other by boarding, this resulted is 3 of my crew getting injured. I placed the 3 of them into the resting slots but nothing happens. I believe it is a bug, many steam users have reported this issue as well in the steam forums. I have a Surgeon on board as well.


Ok it is some sort of bug. I tested a few times and managed to get my healing of crew members to work.

Here is what I did:

1. I had a Cannoner, a helmsman and a cook injured. If I put all 3 into the resting slots, nothing happens.

2. I decided to put only 1 crew member into the resting slot (this means 2 of them are injured and are working under injury, which means -2 morale)

3. If I move around the sea for one day, my Cannoner starts to heal, using up some 5 medicine.

4. Then when the healing starts, I put my Helmsman he starts to heal as well after another day, taking up 10 medicine for 2 crew members in the resting slot.


Obviously the work around helps, I strongly believe it is a bug, for your attention please help.

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Try letting the game give you a morale penalty for forcing the injured crew member to work. After that, plop him/her back into the reserve slot and they should start healing just fine. Right not, this is the only way to fix the problem.

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I registered to the forums to report this issue, i can see i'm not alone with this bug around here. The injuries going on and on, they stack, and the crew morale start to drop like hell. I hope this can be fixed pretty soon :-)

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I am also seeing the same thing, letting the crew members work doesn't fix it for me, their injuries seem to increase if I do that, then if I put them in the healing slots, they go back to their original injuries levels, and won't drop any farther down. So I'm stuck with 3 crew which I can't use.


I hope this bug gets fixed soon.


Edit, using the latest steam version.

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