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I'm playing a Wizard and I've set it up so she'll cast spells while I manage the other characters. 


However I've recently encountered a bug where the game will not save the changes I make to her custom AI behavior. 

Since I've encountered this bug the same is now true for all party members. 

I cannot add, remove or switch out spells, neither can i change can i change the priority of the spells already in the Behavior list. 


Does anyone have a fix to this issue? 

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Hello Jaerin,


Would you be able to provide us with a save? We are working on Custom AI issues as one of our bigger priority bugs at the moment.


I have heard that people are experiencing the most issues when trying to clone a AI setting, have you done any of that? If so it may benefit to try to manually set them.


Hope this helps,



I like big bugs and I cannot lie...

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