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Missing DLC (Load Screen)



Good day Guys, 


Let me start by saying, I'm loving the game thus far. 


I have been playing on my Macbook Pro, I've had very little time to play so squeezing it in there. 


Game is over Steam 


I went to go play on my big computer 5k iMac. 


And for some reason, steam shows that DLC are installed.

However, in the games load screen, it shows "Missing DLC".



How do I fix this?

I've included screenshots

I've also tried unchecking the DLC's in steam shutting it down the starting and putting it back. Which, didn't seem to make a difference. 

I've also tried the validate game option. 

I'm stumped at this point as to how to get it going. 





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Hello tfraley,


Those are indeed Backer Beta saves and are not compatible with the game. All the saves are saved in the same location, so it could be a different user or game on this computer that it is seeing.





I like big bugs and I cannot lie...

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This are Beta saves would i say that are not compatible with the Full release. 

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Why would you say they are beta saves. 


I uninstall beta before installing the new one. 

And started fresh,


Also I don't think beta had the DLC pack first of all


I'm realy stumped a tthe moment on how to load a game on my iMac, Works fine on my macbook pro. 

Its able to save / load fine. But thouse same saves  I can see on my iMac just can't select says "DLC missing"

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