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Chanter respec / Serafen starting powers bug

Go to solution Solved by Cdiaz,


Reporting few issues I've encountered so far:

My Chanter loses 1st level Phrase when respecing. What's weird, he seems to retain last learned phrase in his phrasebook?, even if skill tree shows him not having it.

Serafen has 3rd PL chanter power as a Witch when recruiting him on 2nd PL.

Strong-Souled (Galawain' ending Eder trait) lacks an icon.

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Hello Not Hypebringer,


Good find on the Chanter respec, Ill get this bugged up for the devs to look into.


If you could provide an the image with the icon missing, it would be greatly appreciated!





I like big bugs and I cannot lie...

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Here you go! 

Oslo, Fighter retains his Knockback on skillbar after upgrading it to Mule Kick. Which is strange as other upgrades seem to override their basic skills and there is no point of using basic skill instead of upgraded. Not sure if it is exactly a bug.

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